7 Interesting Facts Have Completely Changed Our View Of The World

The fire has no shadow because they are a light source. This is why a wall or a dark obstacle will be covered with fire light unless there is a light source in brighter than 92/1: 41 nam1. The fire does not have a shadow of fire without the ball because they are in the morning. This is the reason why a wall or a dark obstacle will be covered by light from the light source. Adhesive tape blurred glass transparent when the light shines on the rough surface of the translucent glass, it will be discusing and made the blur glass

. The adhesive has a smooth surface than the fuzzy glass, so the light is less dispersed and the glass becomes Transparent.3. Wrinkled finger skin in water wrinkles helps our fingers hold more things
Buddhist heads of 108 snails, without ancient hair, the Buddha went for a walk, meditated and did not pay attention to the sun to go high in the sky and the head of the Buddha fiercely. Heaven shines. When the snails were cold, the sun dried the snails and they died. Bananas and cucumbers are berries, and strawberries are not in botany, berries are a thin and succulent bark fruit, always have inner seeds. That's why grapes, tomatoes, cucumbers, Bananas, chili and eggplant are berries. But strawberries, raspberries and black raspberries are really granulated fruits.6. Text is sent by Microsoft Excel in a popular music video, you must remember this video from the beginning of 2000 when only celebrities have enough money to buy smartphones. This is why no one see Kelly Rowland has tried to send a text with Microsoft Excel.7
The Statue of Egyptians has a tailor who has seen the Statue of Egyptians on historical books but few knows that it also has a tail. According to Ngoc Huyen / I am beautiful

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