7 Places Of Perfume Perfectly

The scent is the 'door' of emotions. Light scent helps relax, sweet scent helps to balance emotions, suggestively confess, romantic or calmness in: 00/2: 09 Nou southern region as in hot summer, soft smell, bar Cool is the ideal choice, then to autumn, the perfume has darker scent, deeper feeling than the more people chosen by many people. Suitable for climate and falling emotions are fragrant perfumes vanilla, sandalwood, musk or fragrance of roses, peony, Lavender ..

. - Hair is one of the water spraying positions The most perfect flower. The hairs will keep the fragrance long and leave the fragrance in places where you go through. However, you should spray perfume before, or use a towel to penetrate the comb and brush up your hair
Do not directly spray perfume on your hair because the alcohol in perfume can dry your hair. - The back of the ear is the most common perfume spraying position. But there is another position that also works to keep scents very well that few people know, it is above the ears. This is also a high temperature position when the veins operate at this point. - The surrounding area has many dents created by the bone structure created, this is also one of the perfect positions to spray perfume. In addition to the area around the collarbone, you can reach the hair up and spray perfume according to your hair behind the nape; Or spraying a straight line from the back of the back and down the back also helps the scent saved all day. - Beside the wrist, inside the elbow is the circuit that radiates a lot of heat, which helps the scent differs more efficiently. Note, when spraying perfume on the wrist, you should not rub the two wrists on each other. This way can break the molecules in perfume and will quickly fly. - The soft skin behind the knee is another perfume spraying position that you should take advantage of
Especially when you wear a short skirt. You can spray directly with a distance of 13-18cm or put the perfume on your fingertips and then apply to this area. - Ankle is always moving, so spray a little perfume on your eyes Foot, fragrance will follow you anywhere. Most on the body. You should not spray perfume into the navel but only a little perfume on your fingertips, rub around and inside the navel to keep the scent.

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