7 Silent Habits Cause Dry Skin, The First Thing Is Amazing

Song's skin care can still be rough by silently dry skin habits below. In particular, the first thing can surprise you because long doing something wrong without many countries. Drinking too much water is a whispering routine that causes the skin to be verified. It sounds opposite but scientists indicate, drinking plenty of water causing the body to lose the amount of minerals needed. This adversely affects the skin, making it dull and lack of vitality

. Water supplement is essential for overall health. For good for the skin, you should only drink enough water, combined with moisturizing products from outside. Warm water bath is a great way to relax after a long stress day
However, hot water can break the oil and moisture layer needed to maintain the berry skin, full of vitality. The bath time also affects significantly to the skin health. Specifically, the longer bathing time, the skin is easier to dry. It will be safer when you bathe in a short time (less than 20 minutes). Pay attention to using soft soap instead of detergents causing the skin to lose the protection fence. Moisturizer is not in time. Using moisturizer at the right time to help you get the maximum benefit. Instead of drying the face and applying the cream, change the habit of skin care by applying the cream when the skin is humid. This will help lock the moisture and water supply to the skin much better than applying to the dry skin completely dry . In fact, Korean women often apply moisturizer within 3 seconds after washing their face
This is also the secret to the spotless white skin of Kim Chi. Sleep do not go. Most people have a habit to go to sleep. However, using a thin socks will help you sleep better, preventing heel cracking. Lau with a towel. Use a towel to clean the skin, making the skin rubbing strong, easy to dry and irritated. The harmful effects of this face wash habits are easy to see in people with sensitive skin. You will see the skin quickly itchy, turning red. Eggs. Eggs are abundant protein supplies but can cause dry skin when eating a lot. Specifically, consuming large amounts of vitamin A in eggs to negatively affect the skin. Health professionals recommend, trying to control do not eat more than 3 eggs every day to receive many benefits. When choosing a cream, it is necessary to base on each type of skin to work best. If you own oil skin, water-based moisturizer will be best suited to you. In the meantime, you should choose a cream with a soft ingredient. Only when using a new product to prevent water from evaporating from the skin too quickly, keep the skin a longer water. The readers watch the video: Tell you how to take care of the skin. Source: Menard Vietnam Tam (according to BS)

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