7 Simple Exercises Help Solar (mamamoo) Get The 11-eye Stomach Burning Eyes

Episode these simple exercises at home, girlfriend will soon get slender waist, abdomen No. 11 as Solar (Mamamoo) .0: 00/1: 34 namsolar - Member of the Korean girl group Mamamoo, not only singing, dancing well but also possesses a beautiful body. She often shared his life on YouTube and did not hesitate to share the exercises to help her get a slender round and the 11th sore abdomen. This Korean get a slim waist, slender as expected! Exercise 1: This exercise mainly uses the power of the abdominal muscle

. To practice this exercise, the girlfriend Uân session took the foot forward like cycling, touching the elbow with the elbow. Behavior 2: Anti-hand on the ground, raising two feet rotating. With this exercise, you should not raise butt too high
Episode 3: The left hand touches the right toe and right hand touches the left toe, using the strength of the sides to lift the feet and strength Lift the upper part of the body. Episode 4: Also starting from a flat elbow, opening and closing your legs, paying attention to the abdomen force instead of the belt, then the hips lifted. 5: Lie down and put the two hands to the sides, lift the leg to a 90 degrees high and then lower about 30 degrees, crossing the foot over not 6 times, repeating 8 times. Notice don't lift your hips when lift your legs. Episode 6: Lie on your back, put your hands on both sides, using the strength of the stomach to lift the upper body to Episode 7: Start from Plank posture on one side, use the strength of the abdominal muscle The side lift up. When you go down, you should not relax the pain, injury. Page / according to ettoday

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