7 Simple Tips To Make Skin Always Moist Smoothly In The Dry Season

The key to maintaining a smooth and healthy skin is now at the main washing step, you should only wash your face up to 2 times a day and choose a mild cleanser with medium pH.0: 00/3: 29Nam Southern care and maintenance of healthy and smooth skin on seasonal delivery days is always a very important thing. Because, however this season becomes cool but at the same time, moisture also decreases, causing the skin to lose water. Here are seven suggestions that you should refer to to adjust the skin cycle more reasonable in The season is dry. Switch to the soft cleanser Weather to deliver the wetland season is easy to make the skin be rough and lack of moisture

. Even if you own the skin, you will also feel your skin dry and more sensitive than usual. The lock to maintain a smooth and healthy skin now is at the main wash step, that's you only Should wash the face 2 times a day and choose a lightweight cleanser with an average pH of 5.5 to 6 to not lose the natural moist memin on the skin
You also need to restrict your face wash with water Too hot because this action will make the skin drier. The mind into moisturizing moisturizing stages is a prerequisite to help skin always soft in dry weather. To maintain enough moist skin when the weather changes In addition to switching to a thicker texture cream, you can also add a facial oil to your daily care routine to compensate for the skin. Drack a few drops of oil with lotion, but standard Especially, you should apply the oil before the moisturizing step and after the serum step by choosing the solid oil substances easy to stop pores and causing acne like coconut oil, use a small molecular size oil like Argan oil, jojoba h Ay Rosehip.Use Night Eye Night Hourses Song Eye Eyes is the first place to be affected by the actors from the environment. When the sky is dry, the skin area will become sensitive and easy to form the li lines TI that we don't know. You add an eye cream to contain a moisture-level component like Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid or Ceramide into the night skin care cycle to repel bad wrinkles. Investment in Sleeping and dry weather will make the skin easily dehydrated and lose elasticity. One of the best ways to recover dry skin, lack of vitality is to apply masks.Thoa up the skin a flexible sleep mask, rich in nursing at night, you will wake up with hydrated skin , spilled the next morning
With a sleeping mask, you can use 2-3 times / week and can replace the common moisturizer step. We all know how to exfoliate the key to have lanes The skin is clean, smooth, but in the cold season, excessive exfoliating will make the skin more sensitive and irritated. Because now, the fence protects the skin weak and the cold weather causes the skin that is easy to dehydrated and elasticity. NOW should note more if your skin appears signs of excessive exfoliation like itching or red. Just exfoliate 1-2 times / week with soft products and don't forget to provide full moisture immediately to protect the skin. Don't neglect the sun protection of the sun because the cool, pleasant weather is suspicious Basic and most important skin care - Apply sunscreen. Everyone knows that, even if it is a cloudy or blue sky, the ultraviolet rays are always harmful to the skin. Gently for the skin will be the ideal choice for you this season. Don't forget the skin skin hot water is a temptation that is difficult to resist in the days of cold. However, hot bathing for too long will cause the natural oil on the skin to evaporate, causing dehydration and ease of irritation. Maintain a habit of bathing with warm water and not showering more than 15 minutes each time And at the same time, after bathing, you can apply more light creams combined with a few basic skin massage operations to help moisturize skin smooth and relax ./. phuong ha (beautiful / vietnam)

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