7 The Potential Beauty Products Risk Harmful To The Skin, Sisters Should Not Use Too Much

Some can bring many benefits, others may potentially hide the risks for the body.0: 00/2: 08 Southern men's washing face using this face scouring daily can lead to Rub too much and exfoliate too much. Such strong handling can cause irritation, acne and increase the sensitivity of the skin. You can try to use mild chemical eraser such as acids and enzymes that eliminate softer dead skin cells. The illustration vitamin Evitamin E is considered as a powerful protector from the damage UV Nhwung with oil skin or acne should not apply pure vitamin e to the skin

. It can clog the pores. Instead, you can consume food rich in vitamin E in a moderation way. Among them have peanuts, red bell peppers, pumpkin and butter
Oil nursing oil or face lubrication is advertised as a natural replacement for moisturizing products but can actually cause these Allergic reactions, turn into cracked dry skin, pimples or hives. If you still want to use essential oils on your face, remember to mix with ground oil (Carrier Oil) to avoid irritation. Paper masks made all these masks are made of synthetic materials such as micropy Plastic, nylon or polyester and are soaked in serum made from silicon. Although used can bring a smooth face feeling, it's just a thin layer of toxic chemicals that you see. Rolling Ngoc Vì rock on this tool is always cold, so the massage of your skin can be temporarily Time to reduce redness and puffiness. But no scientific evidence shows that the use of rollers can help you reduce wrinkles or reduce rashes. Or in there, you should practice facial massage.Serum nourishes the eyelashes of eyelashes, they also come with a lot of side effects such as rednessing and itchy eyelids, swelling and irritation in the eyes, as well as increased pigmentation skin. Meanwhile, natural measures such as olive oil or olive oil and green tea can help you nourish without causing uncomfortable. Sanitary Translation according to the researchers, the use of sanitary gel and possible detergent Significantly increase the risk of fungal and bacterial infection
Not to mention that some products that also contain dangerous ingredients should not be applied to your sensitive areas. They can break your natural balance and make you infected with healthy and beautiful

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