7 Things Hair Reveals About Your Health

Hair can reveal a lot of things about you, from what you eat until you are taking contraception or not. You need to protect your hair from the sun: if your hair becomes dry , Crunchy and easily broken, that might be because you spend too much time outdoors without protecting hair. When out of the sun, you should wear a hat made from sunscreen to protect your hair and scalp from damage due to UV rays. You eat too much fast food: a diet with too much processed food Can make your hair dull and thin. You should eat a lot of fruits, green vegetables and fresh food to get thick hair and healthy shadows

. You are obsessed with perfection: habits "crushing your hair" can be a consequence of perfectism - Part of your personality. When perfect manisms do not meet the standards they let themselves, they become frustrated and dissatisfied, leading to hair or even eyebrows and eyelashes. This is a manifestation of disorder named hair jerky syndrome
You are susceptible to dental problems: people with hair disorders due to changing keratin causing broken hair is also dangerous High muscles have tooth decay. Keratin is an essential component of both hair and enamel teeth, so the keratin variation can make the tooth surface softer and easier to get deeper. 100 hair fibers every day. But if you find yourself hair loss more than that, this hair loss may be due to stressful stress factors and stretching physical. You are adapting to new birth control pills: when the body Reacting to hormones from birth control pills, your hair can become thinner and less silent. Because birth control pills can cause thin hair, experts recommend that people with genetic loss genes should consult a doctor about the use of non-hormone contraceptives. You have thyroid problems: If your hair suddenly goes to see, go to your thyroid test. The thyroid gland is a dominant route controlling the endocrine system and affects the development of hair. Hair loss can be a sign of hypothyroidism - a medical disease that does not produce enough hormones. Hair loss can also be related to polycystic ovarian syndrome
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