7 Uses Of Baking Soda Help You Better

Baking soda is a common material, there are many benefits in personal hygiene and health.0: 00/2: 02 namuan rescue in the magazine of the American Dental Association showing sodium bicarbonate - ingredients in ice cream Brushing your teeth - effectively removing stains and whitening. You can directly apply soda baking before or after brushing your teeth by mixing the flour with water. Photo: Avennue Dental Arts. If your shoes have an unpleasant odor, put the bag containing baking soda with essential oils inside and leave it overnight

. This helps eliminate smells quickly. Photo: The Spruce.Search from Oklahoma University shows that baking soda helps deodorize
Although a little baking soda can work well, it is too much to abuse the deodorant that can cause irritation. You should use it moderately and don't mix it with other deodorants. Photo: GQ. Newspaper in the Journal of Food Science and Nutrition indicates that sodium bicarbonate can be used as supplements to improve physical performance in a short time. When exercising with high strength, your muscular cells start producing lactic acid - the cause of burning sensation and reduces pH causes fatigue muscles. Healthline indicates that baking soda has a high pH that helps delay fatigue, allowing you to exercise longer. GQ recommends that people should take 300 mg of baking soda with 1 liter of water before exercising 1-2 hours. Photo: EmediHealth. Bicarbonate have in baking soda also helps keep white clothes. On the other hand, it is useful in cleaning stains, returning the original color but does not damage the material
Photo: The Spruce. With Baking Soda is recommended because it helps soothe its itchy skin, according to Healthline. This treatment method is often used to cure itching due to bite, burning bees. In addition, baking soda can soothe the skin due to sunburn. To bathe with baking soda, give 1-2 cups to the warm water tank and soak the body for 15 minutes. Photo: Calivita. The mouthwash is necessary for each person's oral hygiene habits. Many people use baking soda instead of mouthwash. Some studies have shown it to help your breath fragrant, even providing antibacterial and anti-germal properties. Recipe for making mouthwash by baking soda is very simple. You add 1/2 teaspoon of powder into half a cup of warm water, then rinse your mouth as usual. Photo: Healthline. Hoang Anh

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