7 Ways To Maintain Good Posture When Sitting For Too Long

0:00 / 3: 09 nam 7 way to maintain a good posture when sitting for too long we are living at the time spent most of the day's time to sit on the chair, whether working, learning or letter Expansion. Sitting long will affect health, so it is necessary to balance it by paying attention to the right posture. Make sure the seat is sitting in accordance with the type of non-type one size suitable for all. Like shoes, we need to ensure that they fit perfectly with our measurements, as they can create health differences and comfort. The best choice is to choose adjustable type Let you can change the height of the chair or the back corner of the backrest depending on the demand

. Also there are 2 main points to remember when choosing a work chair. The first thing is to check if the seat pedestal is wider than your hips at least one inch at each side so that you have enough space based on the thigh or not. Monday, check if there are at least 0
5 inches between the edge or not your knees and backs. Soft cushion will also help avoid aggregating on the thighs and buttocks. The illustration of the belt holder of a friendly posture chair should have good support, the seat does not support the waist or lower back can Causes bad and flat effects for spine. However, chairs featuring back support can be expensive and unrealistic for companies with many workers. A cheaper alternative is to use a rolled towel or a small pillow as a cushion for your back. But pay attention to the appropriate size, because a larger towel can make your spine fall in difficult and more uncomfortable. Illustration. By simple steps to achieve the right sitting posture Can start by sitting at the end of the chair and relaxing people, neck and shoulder towards the front. Then, slowly pulling your spine by pulling the head and shoulders up, and pushing the lower back forward . Keep this posture for a few seconds before releasing a little bit, then turned back to the back until you reach the backrest section
The illustration. Holding the flat feet on the cross-legged floor can reduce blood flow And can cause muscle pain, so professionals recommend keeping their feet straight and set up firmly on the ground. They also recommend to consider eliminating the heel when you are sitting and using the price to the foot if your sole cannot touch the floor. Curved at an angle of 90 degrees, while the hip can go beyond a slightly square angle to facilitate the back loses backwards. Computer shapes should be adjusted across the eye level to avoid stretching the neck and eyes. The keyboard should also be placed about 4 to 6 inches away from the edge of the table and the hand and the hand with a rest space. Mechanical fatigue by giving me an excuse to occasionally stand when you have found the public chair The most successful Thai is available, too many sitting can still lead to health and mechanical traumatic problems. To avoid that, try to let the blood circulate by standing and moving around. If possible, take a break for at least a minute after every 30 minutes. You can also set alarm or timer to remind you that you need to stand up. Implementing the "wall slide" movement and other exercises to balance the "wall slide" position as a simple exercise to recover Body and reduce muscle strain in the neck, shoulders. The first step is to stand leaning against the wall, the knee is slightly curved and his hands stretching over the head. The illustration. Hold your hand, elbow, shoulders and spine presses on the wall when you slide your arm down until When you lower the shoulder. Then, lift your arm up and repeat this movement 10-12 times. Linh (according to Brightside)

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