7 Ways To Overcome Damage When Being Scolded By Parents

When listening to heavy scolders from their parents, any child will feel hurt ... Tue An psychologist said, many parents who have their children to leave their children are owned His, must hear him absolutely. If the child does in mind, they immediately use the words that cause injury to scold like: "Why don't you do anything, so soul", "You are the burden of my life", "because you are suffering Too "," Look at the house of people "

... and when I heard the above from my parents, any child will feel hurt
So how can I overcome to live serenity and gentle? The following steps will help you react with the scolding in a suitable way.1. Expand the timkhi extension you will contain more. If you feel uncomfortable when you hear your parents scold, judge, compare themselves ie in you with selfishness and narrowness. This is a very difficult thing, most of us haven't done. Retreat, find out the cause of your mind solar you can see the most revenue. There must be a part of being scolded from whether you didn't do the right idea of the parents or did not meet the expectation they wanted. Castle and content when the parents say those things just be angry, they are not aware that it will make the listener so hurt. Pressures in work or conflict with bosses, colleagues or partners make their parents "pour" up to you. So please use and sympathize for them
4. Stop focusing on the pain, why do you hurt? Because you just focus on thinking about the negative thing that parents said, then further dedicated so it was trapped to suffer. Instead, think about good jobs that parents have done for you, they gives you eating, going to school and care about worrying care every time you are sick.5. You are not the only one who is scolded outside there are more unhappy and miserable people. There are children who are abandoned by their parents as soon as they are born, there are children who are born in the beat violence of the person who gave birth to themselves. Even there are people who are deprived by their own parents Live. So you are not the most common unhappiness, almost everyone who has been scolded by his parents. Stop residents of resentment, blaming hitting when the anger passed, it was possible that his parents had partially recognized his wrongdoing. But because of their own seniority can not say you apologize. So don't you don't be angry too, if you are rich in your parents, it can not happen to them.7. Being grateful to the words scolded if I always received praise, praise, honey, we would be very easy to illusions about myself, easily sleeping on victory. You can acknowly or not, but my parents' scolds themselves to consciously, are leverage to help us move forward, creating a motivation for me to try more. It comes to the same parents Children, just having people they don't know how to express or show in different ways. Anyway, it is a family so loving and supporting each other don't let small things to make family air stress!

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