7-year-old Girl Crying When Germany Lost Him And Meaningful Gift

Probably the whole world witnessed the image of a 7-year-old girl crying after the German match losing him on Wembley. Recently I received a meaningful gift from the British community and my family did more meaningful ... The 7-year-old German girl sat on a relative hearts (with the newspaper said that his father) cried after the team The German recruitment was in the Knock Out around unexpectedly receiving the amount of support of up to 36,000 tables (equivalent to US $ 50,000)

. The baby cried with his family to work very meaningful from the unexpected gift. The gift comes from a person in his community feels embarrassed with ugly him fans with this crying baby image to make a joke and offend you. It was Mr
Joel Hughes, 51, who opened a small fundraiser to support her to want me, my family and the Germans understood that not every British who behaved ugly rude as one The number of fans he was offended for his baby. His head, his intention was just wanting to call for fundraising to get 500 tables and bought them a cute gift. Surprise when he just called it later The big support reached 36,000 tables. Joel Hughes's heart and prosperity later replied in a very cute and full of people. Baby's family responded to Mr. Joel Hughes that was very touched by everyone's heart but would not fore the support and instead would bring this amount to support the charity activities of the Children's Fund United Nations. A family of 7-year-old girl's family is as follows: "For the sake of our daughter and family, we want to keep their identity secret. However we want to thank for everyone's great support. My daughter wants your generous support to be transferred to UNICEF, so that your kindness will really become useful. "Football is a very magical thing to win Losing after a match
.. The baby's video cried after the German match lost him 0-2 and was peaceful. Binh - Nh

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