72 Hours Of Formation Of Bv For The Largest Covid-19 Treatment Of Vietnam

The abandoned resettlement area for 5 years in Thu Thiem first bright lights after more than 4,000 people with Covid-19 were transferred to treatment in: 00/6: 51 South "water. Please open the water. There is no water from the morning to the morning, "an angry F0, angering down from the 13th floor. Under, some medical staff and militia self-defense looked up, just urgently porting the goods and items support. About the large yard between 2 blocks of apartments shaped in paper barrels, Carton covers have not been collected with self-defense militia, medical staff porters widgets, drinking water equipped with a panic hospital and f0 is quarantined

. Two days, complaints from gentle to the anger sometimes. Under the yard, a few dozen people are sweaty to prepare the diets and drinks for more than 4,000 people. Thu Thiem Resettlement (An Khanh Ward, Thu Duc City) is the abandoned apartment building, for 5 years There are lights
After 72 hours, thousands of F0 quickly filled the newly named blocks of the new hospital to collect Covid-19 Treatment of Covid-19 numbers 6. The neighborhood was hospitalized with "Baby bear, here. Don't run closer to the uncle ", Ms. C. (32 years old, residing in District 11) speechless, running quickly to hold the daughter's hand before he ran to the door." I sympathize. She likes to jump, so I want to go out to play, "Ms. C. Stands after the door chatting with us. C
Stand from the house to talk to others through the open door. The day, her family was announced as positive for SARS-COV-2. Over half of the people are neighbors, relatives where her family can live with viruses. Dates hospitalized, small alley lie deep in District 11 in a green color of protective suits and flashes of emergency car lights. C. Together neighbors and 3 small daughters are only 2 years old, 4 years old and 7 Age was transferred to the Panic Hospital in Thu Thiem. The first day of life in the treatment area, Ms. C. said quite unexpectedly because it was quarantined at the extensive apartment building, visible to Bitexco (District 1) and the The building is in Kim Cuong Island (Thu Duc City). Luckily, 3 children who like to play but cling to their moms, comfortably playing and do not have unusual health expression. Sister C. was a mild fever but was stable after taking the medicine. "The most inconvenient is the water trophy this morning. However, we still tried to wait for you to be repaired. I went through the apartment building several times, saw the smoking pig, absent. Now suddenly there are thousands of people entering so it will definitely arrave many things, "the woman shared. The scene at the place is considered" prevention "of Covid-19 treatment of 2 mother and daughter C. 22h.. C. C. isolated room of her isolation C. is the common living space of Mr. N. (42 years old, residing in District 6) and his father-in-law. Evening, Ms. H. Environmental mop after having Enough water. Mr. N. Call asked the situation of relatives and nieces. She has just completed the National High School Exam, which is positive. A other relative is tired, breathing weak and is waiting for medical examination. "Our life was disturbed. The whole alley with 9 positive people was transferred yesterday. My relatives have 6 people. Don't know anyone more today, "he said. The inside of his couple N. often cleansed, ensuring a cool space. Updated by Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health, within 7 days Come back here, the number of cities of the city continuously exceeds 1,000 people. A series of pale hospitals are also formed rush to receive the corresponding number of F0. At the 6th hospital, after 72 hours, the number of F0 is currently 3,432 people. Thus, on average a day, authorities need to prepare about 10,000 rice, drinking water for F0. However, the force to take on this job has only 100 self-defense militia. L.t.h. (residing in District 3) and the family 4 people came to isolation, treatment at the Panic Hospital. She was found to be positive for SARS-COV-2 when she went to take screening in the ward. Currently, the members of her family are all stable and healthy. Seven caregivers are on 13/7, TS.BS Phan Minh Hoang, Director of Hospital Rehabilitation and Treatment Care Director of the Paddown Hospital No. 6, is present at the courtyard between 2 blocks of apartments. "Dear brothers and sisters, I know you have more pressing because the building lacks a lot of things. We are trying to fix because the new building is put into use. We are here, nor have water to use. I really hope you sympathize, wait for another 30 minutes ", the director holding the microphone, directly shared with F0 at the Foundation Hospital field. Thu Thiem resettlement area, which is being reinforced 5 panic hospitals (No. 3, 6, 7, 8, 9) with the largest scale in Vietnam. July 10, Dr. Phan Minh Hoang received orders from Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health to establish an emergency Panic Institute. Human resource list and construction plan have been sketched by Dr. Hoang in the night. July 11, 40 doctors, nursing hospital rehabilitation and treatment of occupational diseases, to receive the building. Right 18h, the first F0 hospitalized. By the evening of July 13, after 72 hours, the hospital weltered a total of more than 3.4

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