75 Years Of Vietnamese People’s People’s Security Forces

On July 8, in Hanoi, the Ministry of Public Security held a closing ceremony, awarded the writing contest and opening the exhibition '75 years of Vietnam People's Security forces Hero '. 2 months of deployment, officials and soldiers of the police have enthusiastically participated with many quality exams. There have 1,185 posts with 127 best quality articles selected into the final round. Many units and locals have well organized the competition at the grassroots level, there are many exams sent to the Organizing Committee for high quality. The organization has given the first, second, three, and encouragement to donate episodes can; Awarding 20 consolation prizes, 10 prizes C, 8 prizes B, 5 award A and 1 special prize for giving authors and authors

. In particular, the special award was awarded to the group of "Lighting C 500" of the People's Security Institute. With the writing contest organization, the Ministry of Public Security opened the exhibition "75 years of Vietnamese people's security forces Hero "with more than 300 images and documents and typical artifacts. Exhibition of overview of the 75-year process of building, fighting, mature and outstanding battleships of people's security forces

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