8 Bad Habits Make Sisters And Old Quickly Hurt Health

0: 00/3: 24 NAM8 Bad habits that make the sisters and old quickly harm their beauty and beauty are the same as "career" attached to the whole life of every woman but some of the main daily habits It is an agent that makes the body of the old female to see. When the age grew, the production of collagen declined, and the metabolic process was also slower. It is the reason why the structure of the skin is destroyed, the elastin fibers fault, the capillaries under the skin creates aging status. Reality, women can slow this process through full supply Enough nutrition, complying with healthy living habits. In contrast, some habits in everyday life may be the "culprit" to speed up the aging speed

. Let's go to sleep for at least 7 hours a night. Sleeping insufficient sleep not only makes you look tired but also shorten your life. Experts recommend going to bed earlier if you feel lack of energy, slow spiritual weight or weight gain
Family familiar to eat too little vegetables in the daily menu for a very large amount of mineral found in Fruits and green vegetables. In it included: Vitamin E helps protect the skin damaged by UV rays, Viatmin A, C and B3 to help prevent collagen damage causing skin ... in addition to make the body tired, little Working energy. Tilt when sleeping will make you plugs with wrinkles on your cheeks and chin tilt, face to the pillow will cause and increase wrinkles on your cheeks and chin. This is also a habit that gets older and many people suffer. Experts believe that lying on a while sleeping is the best posture to sleep and keep youthful, fresh and rest. If you want to know more about how to sleep well, you can try to follow ways like Following: To the dark room, open the room for open, warm bath before sleeping, yoga practice 15 minutes before sleeping, so that the electronic devices are away from people .
. Excessive exercise every day is the habit Health benefits, help speed up blood circulation, promote metabolism, causing harmful toxins to quickly eliminate the body. However, exercise is too strong, close to bedrooms will stimulate excessive nervous system and cause insomnia. Illustrative views This is also the reason why the skin is saggy, frozen faster. Therefore, consider choosing the right exercise time, avoiding exercise 1-2 hours before going to bed, if the episode remember to choose a gentle exercise like walking. Lazy to use sunscreen Many reasons to justify lazy use of sunscreen as forgotten, feel more oil skin after use ... the sun is the leading cause of skin cancer and make the skin aging soon. To protect the skin, sunscreen should be applied with a minimum SPF index at least 15 minutes before leaving the house. If it works continuously outdoors, sunscreen should be reapply after every 2 hours. Familiar be familiar with spicy food, a lot of fat just before sleeping to eat and drink immediately before bedtime will make you flat or abdominal pain. In particular, eating spicy foods, lots of grease will be particularly dangerous because they are related to stomach reflux. Water with a pipe with a pipe illustrates the moves you use to drink through the straws like moving when smoking Leaves and can lead to similar consequences. Using the vertical lines around your mouth become more clear over time. Drinking from the cup will help stretch your baby's look. Excessive television degraded the life of your life showed every hour to watch TV, your lifespan drops 22 minutes because the body is not mobilized . In the long term, the muscles are weakened and stagnant. Experts recommend, despite sitting on a bench or sitting at the desk, you should get up every half hour. See more: Benefits of watermelons for health (source: Zing) Hoang Ly (T /H)

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