8 Fashion Items Look Beautiful But Extremely Dangerous For Health

History has demonstrated the beauty of the beauty often couples with pain. The most stylish fashion items can be the cause of disease for you.0: 00/2: 29 Victoria during the Victorian, the girls must wear a tight bra shirt to fainting or compulsory Hard-necked shirt came to switch. That gum was over and the modern world creates more fashion dishes that endangers no less than.00: 00/04: 07 These are all kinds of accessories, clothes and shoes that make You splendid external but can lead to internal health problems

.1. Pointed shoe nasal shoes do not have enough space for your toes so they will be pressed into an unnatural position. Your whole weight fixes the front part of the foot, so it will produce a bottle and hurt the nerves between the toes
Shoes larger than 1-2 celebrities often wear shoes larger than real foot size to help blood circulate well and reduce friction. But the shoe is too wide to make us change the way go. You are afraid of shoes falling from the foot so it will have to put all the toes forward, causing great pressure for the foot, knee, back and neck. . Transparent plastic shoes are really favorite in the past few years. But you should not go to them regularly because the plastic does not allow air to circulate so it can make mushrooms and bacteria stuck inside. Plastic shoes make the feet pour a lot of sweat and form the cylinder mark.4. This ball shoes are not suitable for you to use daily. Its design does not support enough for the feet, resulting in knee and back problems
The ballet has a very thin soles, which is why your feet will feel each small rock Street. You will even be torned with shoe soles if torning a sharp object.5. High heavy ears and heavy ears look very beautiful but they will damage your earlobes. The ears are constantly pulled to early aging.6. Clothing shaping shaping clothes helps you have a perfect body but they will harm if you choose the wrong type. Material of screening is easy to cause skin irritation. If you choose too tight, it will press the nerves that make the body numb, bloodless blood are and striked.7. The tight clothes are too tight, it is very dangerous if you wear them for too long and too often. They can cause skin irritation, infection, affect blood circulation and lead to digestive problems.8. High waistbands high pressure on the stomach, causing you to reflux acid. When you sit down, the belt presses into the abdomen, making the situation even more serious. Also, the back and the surrounding muscles must always rely on the support of the pants so it cannot operate flexibly. Wearing high waistbands too much makes you with back pain.

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