8 Habits Help Skin Better Than Use Expensive Cosmetics

Just changing these habits you will see more beautiful skin than using expensive cosmetics.0: 00/2: 09 Nam Many people still wonder if they use the full cost of expensive cosmetics why the skin still hasn't Beautiful up. The reason is because of a beautiful skin, in addition to external care, it is necessary to have the internal care regime from maintaining good habits affecting the reduction in aging speed, causing bad skin. Try to maintain good habits below: drinking lots of water can help body metabolism and excretion of capacitors. Drinking lots of water is very good for the body, but should avoid drinking coffee, milk tea for containing stimulants and lines, not good for the skin

. Nice enough to study, 10 pm to 2 am the golden cycle Skin regeneration metabolism. Therefore, going to sleep too soon not directly related to the beautiful skin that the key is to sleep on time, maintaining sleep enough sleep every day, and maintains a good sleep schedule for a long time. Ice cream Sunscreen sun protection with anti-aging, have to do all year round, even when at home
You should also remember to apply regularly after 5-6 hours, if the sun protection is good, it can save quite a bit of money for white nourishment. Fitness more gymnastics brings many benefits to skin like speeding up Metabolic process helps the body and skin detoxic. Remember that it is best not to makeup when exercising, avoiding dirty oil, causing unreasonable pores. Remember to eat sweets, especially at a certain age, avoiding too many lines is very important. Don't touch your face on your hand with a lot of bacteria, do not touch the face to avoid spread Bacteria on the skin. The skin has acne so aspealed in the prestigious centers instead of using a self-hand-held hand. Pillow regularly with regular skin care people that are still beautiful may be in the pillow. Our face usually touches the pillow, bed and blankets, if not washing regularly, it will be easy to affect our skin condition. Therefore remember to add a lot of fiber and train the habit of pepper regularly, if the toxins accumulate for a long time in the intestine, the skin is not beautiful.Momo / according to Ettoday

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