8 Stylish Fashion Items Cause Illness

Do you know that wearing high waist pants will cause back pain, and many other items that help you have perfect appearance but can destroy your health? Pointed shoes: Pointed shoes are not good For your feet. This type of shoe does not have enough space for your toes, causing them to be forced in an unnatural position. In addition, your whole weight fixes the front part of the foot, which can lead to the bottle stain and nerve damage between the toes. Shoes are greater than 1-2 sizes: quite often, they are quite frequent We see celebrities away shoes larger than 1-2 size compared to their feet. They do it to avoid bottles and swelling, because they think that if spacious shoes, blood will circulate normally and without pressure

. But the shoe goes like that or twice different from going regularly. The shoes are too wide that makes us change the way away: so that shoes don't fall, we squeeze the toes, leading to the problems of feet, knees, backs and even neck shoes. The trendy girls went to plastic shoes for several years
But it is better not to go they too often. It is because the plastic does not allow air circulation, so there may be mushrooms and bacteria stuck inside. Plastic shoes make your feet out of sweat so it will definitely form the bottle stain. Ballet shoes: Ballet shoes are not a good choice for you if you go regularly. Such shoe patterns do not protect their feet, leading to knee and back problems. Ballet shoes are very thin, that's why your feet will feel each small piece of stone when you go on. And if you are sharpened, there will be a risk of piercing shoe soles. Heavy jewelry: big and heavy earrings certainly looks cool but they have a drawback is always at risk of damaging Your ears. In addition, they are heavy and pulling too much can lead to early aging. Shaped clothes: By using shaped clothes, you can make your body perfect
But be careful, especially if you don't choose your precise size. It can be dangerous for you. The most common problem that shaped clothes can cause skin irritation. If the shape is too tight, it will override the nerves and anesthesia. If you have a bad blood circulation, it can also lead to further blends. Clothes closely: The hugging wings are also very dangerous if you wear them for too long and too often. They can cause skin irritation and lead to infections. Because hugging the body so blood circulation is not good and can lead to digestive problems. High waistband: Long pants and tight jeans, especially those of high waistbands, can cause pressure Up stomach leads to reflux. When wearing so, at seating, the waist will press on the stomach. In addition, the back and surrounding muscles will always rely in no positive activity. They can also lead to back pain. Phuong (VOV.vn)

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