8 Things Look Great But Ruined Your Health

Here are some accessories, clothes and shoes that make it look great and feel confident but can lead to health issues.0: 00/2: 51 people of the people who say beautiful Is painful. And even though the time wearing tight corsets made women fainted by Victoria for a long time, and the hard-necked shirts do not help people breathe normally have a previous word. The set of clothing, accessories that cause danger if they wear them for a long time. Pointed shoe shoes can be not good for your feet like other shoes

. Such pointless shoes do not have enough space for the toes, making it forced in a non-natural position. Also, your whole weight fixes the front part of the feet, this can Leads to bottles and nerve damage between the toes. Wider shoes are more famous than famous people who have chosen to go shoes larger than 1-2 compared to what they need
They do it to avoid bottle stains and swelling by going to the shoes that are not tight to help blood circulate normally and without pressure. But the shoes are too large that make you change the way away because they will fall off the foot mine. So you have to squeeze your toes, resulting in the problems of feet, knees, backs and even necks. The trendy girls have walked plastic shoes for several years. They look very impressive, it's true. But it is better not to go too often. It is because the plastic does not allow air circulation, so there may be mushrooms and bacteria stuck inside. Plastic making shoes make your feet out of sweat so you will definitely form bottles. Ballet shoes ballet is also not the best choice of shoes to carry all the time. Such shoe styles do not provide enough support for the feet, leading to knee and back problems
The balloons have a very thin soles, which is why your feet will feel each base Small stone that you go on. And if you make a sharp object, there will be a risk of piercing shoe soles. Heavy jewelry Big and heavy earrings are sure to look very cool but they have a drawback is always at risk of damaging the earlobe Friend. In addition, they are heavy and pulling too much can lead to early aging. Shaped clothes by using shaped clothes, you can make your body look perfectly realistic. But be careful, especially if you don't choose it a correct, it can be dangerous for you. The most common problem that shaped clothes can cause skin irritation. If the shape is too tight, it will override the nerves and anesthesia. If you have a good blood circulation, it can also lead to Fittings. Strange clothes are also very dangerous if you wear them for too long and too often. They can cause skin irritation and lead to infections. They do not help blood to circulate well and can lead to digestive problems. High waistband and tight jeans can cause pressure on the stomach, causing acid reflux. A person wearing such clothes when sitting down on the waist will press on the stomach. In addition, they can make you back pain.

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