8 Tips For People Who Are Headache Because Of White Acne

8 tips for people who are headache because white heads are "carved" with little girl. In most cases, white acne can be prevented by changing the lifestyle and medical treatments. Do not squeeze acne whitehead, you can make bacteria spread to the skin areas around. If you can't be patiently wait until the acne is self-peered, go to the dermatologist to be used by a specialist for a specialist and a pimpling device. 2 times a day

. Facial cleanser, experts also recommend washing your face with clean water after lots of sweating. For example, after exercising or when traveling from outside the street. Should use cleanser with a lighter formula on the morning because in real during the night, the skin does not have a lot of dirt but only excess oil and remaining skin care products
At the end of every day, remember to clean up a clean makeup. Select careful makeup cosmetics You must avoid the background creams, ice cream containing components that cause pores, such as avoiding waxes (Wax) or Talc powder. It is best to use mineral cosmetics, although the cost can be slightly higher but will certainly do not make your white head acne become more severe. The white head of the white head forms when pores On your skin, there is a switch, so the exfoliating 2 times a week is how to treat and prevent acne effectively. You should choose the form of mechanical exfoliating mixture, containing small grain mild effects . Jojoba beads are round, quiet, low-likely to cause skin scratches in skin cells. Refer to the product here.Serum If you choose a skin care serum, you should choose the type containing salicylic acid, glycolic acid or benzoyl peroxide to support antibacterial, remember to apply all over the face, not only apply in acne to prevent acne The new white head formed. If your skin is not too dried, you should apply this serum every day (every day once), if the skin is dry, it should be applied every 2 days. In the serum component, if there are soothing extracts such as green tea extract, licorice, oats, acne will be soothed faster, less irritant
Contains Retinol (a derivative of vitamin A), helping to cleans the pores, preventing confections, which help treat acne and also have anti-aging capabilities. However, you must remember that if I used retinol, I should not use both AHA, BHA or Vitamin C high in other skin care products. Apply Retinol into the skin of acne every evening, and the next morning is required to apply sunscreen. Italy hygiene widgets when you suddenly floating pimples just because I have a shell to wash and let my face continue Exposure to rough blanket, or when new sunglasses bought in the night market make the skin irritated. Everything around you can be a "suspect", so remember, to keep the skin clean, everything interacts with you must be clean. Seeing the effect, you should go to the dermatological clinic or spas to be scaled, check your specific status, even wear all kinds of cosmetics taking to test experts to see if there are ingredients Which causes you to be acne.: Eve Nguyen

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