8 Tips To Save Women From Shameful Situations In The Summer

Although beautiful and graceful, some objective situations of summer can turn you into bad girls, ungainly girls; Avoid them with the following tips. In: 00/2: 24 Summer men are the time sensitive by harsh weather. This causes many obstacles to women. Try the following tips, you will undergo an easy summer. Crossing the chrome, if you haven't purchased the deodorant products, you can apply a little chrome to the armpit to stop the smell and wet

. You can also give chrough into shoes if your legs tend to sweat and cause odors. Uncomfortable sunglasses when your sunglasses will not be in the right position and you constantly have to adjust them to ensure Outside, elegant? This is the solution: Try put a little transparent plastic into each of your shady heads. This will help them not slip out of the face
Dried hairdresses Do swim you want to go to the pool but worry about hair dry with ugly body because chlorine? This is the solution: before going to the pool, apply some coconut oil to the hair. This will create more beautiful shadows and help hair without raw, dry. The bundle of the battalion in the summer is inevitable, if it is still useful to use a regular basis, it is easy to enter the status of "skin One day, chalk ". Please add some liquid bronzer to the background cream before applying and mixing evenly until you get the chalk color suitable for your skin. Dry the skin under the arms of sweating too much occurs with most of us in the summer. If you don't want the armpit to get wet and are wearing a T-shirt, you can linger a piece of daily sanitary pads at the bottom of the shirt's arm. Just make sure that the sleeves are long enough and the material does not penetrate. The sunburn skin is sunburned and sunburned. There is a good way to soothe the rash skin, irritation is to apply aloe vera gel to burns. A better way to cover the gel is to put it in the stone tray, to froze, then use these tablets to rub the burning parts, burning on the body
Fixed bra fixes to be able to wear These sets like strapless skirts or chest cards without having to worry about troubleshooting unburding bra, you can insert it with special glue. This will help the bra cling to the skin better and you will no longer be afraid to fall into a difficult situation. You can also use some white handmade glue (not super glue) if not allergic to it. Skirt when it is windy, how many times do you dare to wear skirts for outdoors too wind? Next time, be confident to wear a skirt, just take some coins, put them inside the skirt bear, where there is a seam and fixed them with fashionable tape .Van Anh (Source: Brightside)

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