8 Ways ” Fire Fighting ” For Hair Sticking In Frozen Day

If you don't have a lot of time or too lazy to shampoo in the cold weather of the winter, take a look at the ways '' fire fighting '' for your hair to become fresh below.0: 00 / 2: 42 Nutrays in the last days of the year when the weather begins to dry and deliver cold, it is also when our hair is easily poured. However, with those who didn't have much time to take care of it were too lazy to shampoo in cold weather, the hair would become sticky and make the sisters uncomfortable as well as lack of confidence when they appeared before everyone. Here are the fire fighting for the sticky hair that the girls cannot ignore if they want the oil hair completely to be smooth and beautiful naturally. Use this chalk this is the easiest way to help your hair Stick in the cold days of laziness or the tip of the hairs but hurriedly go out

. The illustration. This way you just need to give a little chalk into the palm and massage your scalp And your hair, chrome will absorb sebum and hair part, absorbs all excess oil so you can go to work with the strongest hair. Using coconut oil is also one way to help fiber hair Puppets become smoother in cold days that you can't shampoo
Dua coconut has a smooth and shiny effect for hair so you just need For a few drops of coconut oil to the palm and gently swipe the hair to create a smooth gloss and cover the hair with dry fiber and stick. The corn flour is like chrome, you only need for a small amount of corn starch The hair then uses a comb to comb with the hair, corn starch will help absorb the excess oil on the hair and help your hair become clean and float like newly shampooing. Hair dryer. If you are rushing to work early in the early morning Whether or not the time to wash your heads in the house, there is no chrome, corn starch or coconut oil, you can use a drying dryer to burn your hairstyle. Just dry the hair stick in a few After that, using a round brush is all your hair will be refreshed and there is no longer sticky! Hair sprays don't work only the hair styling and hair spray also helps your hair fresh and put into sticky More. When the hair is dirty and you have not been shampooed, spray a little hair spray then brushing gently it will help revive your hair significantly. Lemon water you can d Lemon juice to save her sticky hair. By giving a little lemon juice into a spray bottle and spraying into the haired part of the hair and rubbing gently about a few minutes, the hair of the hair will become fresh as newly washed. You can completely replace the water Lemon with sea salt to overcome her sticky hair. Dissolve a little salt and put it on the spray and spray on your hair, massage gently in a few minutes then drying the healthy and fresh hair will be yours
Style for the hair, you can Try changing his hairstyle with hairstyles like Tet hair, high-tied ponytail, low bun hair will help hide the dirty hair and stick but also help you look fresh and pretty. English / consumer

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