8x Ha Thanh Shared The Formula To Make Extremely Delicious Betchles, Turning On The Secret To The Cake To Hold Beautiful Colors

According to Ms. Trang, the most important stage is to divide the dough into small parts to bake in a short time and low heat, fast ripe cakes and still retain the color.0: 00/3: 34 male bread is one of the dishes Eat many people choose to do it during a stay at home. Besides traditional bread, some women also make bread dishes quite unique, typically like Tran Thu Trang's amaranth bread (Hanoi). Tran Thu Trang, born in 1985, Living in Trung Hoa, Cau Giay, Hanoi

. Ms. Trang attended the University of Fine Arts and made a wedding design but because of the passion for beauty so it made a 3-year aesthetic tattoo spray. I have free time, cooking, cooking, embroidering and reading books
Thu Trang shared: '' I made bread, more than 7 years now let your family eat but the bullish bread I think Here. Last year began to make dragon fruits. I have been working and succeeding but finding many people who are flying in color, so I think the roots are the same pink tubers that keep the color more durable when there is a heat effect. The most important stage is to divide the dough into small parts to bake in a short time and low heat, the fast-ripe cake and still hold the color ''. Ms. Trang said she catalabored out how to add amarances to create colors . The foundation of the cake formula is her memo dairy bread on YouTube. She improved the formula a bit to make the result as expected as.8x shared, he was quite charming with cake making so it didn't face any difficulties during the baking process. Just follow the sequentially according to the formula and understand the principle of the powder as well as the bread principle will do it
Occasionally there will be several times broken due to doing not carefully. So anyone who is first made is broken, don't be discouraged. Find out what causes why I fail to redo and avoid it. The feeling of making a cake for loved ones to eat is very happy, creating great memories among family members. '' The scent of new bread released must be one of the signs Follow the children until they grow up and will unable to forget. Look at the eager children with the mother to make a cake and wait for you to be ripe in the oven very happy '' - Ms. Happy page said. - Fresh milk without sugar: 65gr- egg whites: 30gr- butter at room temperature: 30gr- enamel blooming: 4gr (1tsp) - Pink salt or essential salt: 5gr (1tsp) - Road: 30gr, making: Step 1. Stuffed Powder: - Powder in Europe. Give enamel in the middle and sugar, salt into 2 corners. Mix evenly. - Mix the beetroot juice and milk together and turn on a microwave so that for about 40 degrees. 10 minutes until the powder became a homogeneous block uniformly not sticking hands. - Put the butter and then use it for another 10 minutes. - Put about 1 hour or until the powder is doubled. Remember to cover the powder with a food-wrapped membrane or with a towel. If there is a machine, it is stuffed with a machine! Depending on the type of powder, there will be different water absorption. If you see the dough, it can sprinkle with the flour until you reach the desired adhesion. Or add milk if dry powder.Step 2. Shaping: - When doubling powder hatches you try powder by poking your finger into the powder. Falling concave down the deep elasticity is okay .- Air bubbles. Split the dough into equal round pellets: fold the edges of the powder and grabbed in the middle and lightly into a circle. Put the edge of the edge below.- Nilon membrane for 15-minute resting powder. - Take each powder to step off the gas and then create a circle again and put it in the mold. Remember to leave the distance to the powder to hatch. - Coated with a damp towel on the mold and incubation until double blooming powder. Spring 3: Baking the cake - heating the oven in 200 degrees in 15 minutes to prepare for the grandchildren. Finished incubation is ready to grill. Sieve 1 layer of flour on the face to create a lovely fluffy feeling or not optional. - cooling down 150 degrees. Put the mold into grill for 15 minutes. No need to cover face. NEWS 4: - Get the cake out of the peace: NVCC

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