8x Hanoi Works Everyone Opposes, Collecting Both Billion Vnd / Year

As a software engineer with a salary of more than 20 million VND / month and is named in the list of Australian study abroad, but Mr. Nam put all the work many dreams to go home to chicken, building a chicken farm The largest scene of the North.0: 00/5: South of the South 2010, is the head of the technical department of an information technology company but Mr. Nguyen Quang Nam (SN 1984), residing in Xom 7, Xa Viet, Me Linh District (Hanoi) decided to take a job to go home to the countryside of the family to the opposition of the family. "At that time, anyone looked into thinking that I was stable with high wages, moreover Ty to Australia to take a CEO course

. But I myself saw that job very tight, not suitable for myself, so I would like to take a break, "said Mr. Nam. bulk
(Photo: Quang Nam) .Đam Me Chicken From Baby, Mr. Nam noticed in the world that formed the chicken industry for a long time but in Vietnam, there are still many people who have a large market. And very potential.QUA Time to learn and study the market, Mr. Nam realized Tan Chau bamboo chicken is a native chicken breed of Vietnam, standing out with colorful fur, long tail sets, okay Pregnancy biotoms are very high but only widely cultured in the South. Therefore, he is determined to develop economics from raising chickens, towards the introduction of indigenous chickens of Vietnam abroad. "When I would leave a job to raise chickens, family nobody supported, father Mother is angry for a long time, so it does not provide capital. Therefore, equal to the amount of about 100 million VND, I borrowed more and started with a Tan Chau bamboo chicken, "said Nam Nam.
(Photo: Quang Nam). With 100 million dong, he carried out the cage to build about VND 20 million. The remaining amount he went into Long Xuyen, Can Tho to find a variety, bought with beautiful breeding chickens. In 2010, he had to spend the amount of 7-8 million VND to buy a rooster and around 1 million VND / hen. For every three hens, he joined with a rooster to conduct the breeding and reproduction. Take a hand in bringing Tan Chau chicken from the south to the North, Mr. Nam met many difficulties. "The most difficult is the weather. The South is warm, year-round only one season. Meanwhile, the North has 4 seasons every year, the chicken has just bought a very poor and susceptible resistance ", Mr. Nam said. Each chickens can cost from a few million to several tens of millions of dong . (Photo: Quang Nam). In order to overcome difficulties, Mr. Nam conducted a tight-fitting cage in the winter and gradually opened a little more for the weather, adapted to the domain climate North. Need to gradually, from 10 breeding chickens, Mr. Nam breed out of chickens more than 50 children and multiply the number of about 500 chickens. Thanks to understanding information technology, the market development, his product introduction is easy. In addition, hobby in the country in the country is getting more and more popular so the amount of chicken farm for sale is now there. Every month, the farm is selling hundreds of chickens. Each chick is priced from 200-400,000 VND, mature chicken ranges from 1-5 million VND / child. Even in 2014, someone also paid him the amount of VND 50 million for a chicken they like. At the British farm, there are about 2,000 Tan Chau bamboo chickens, including about 100 parents. (Photo: Quang Nam). Attach a potential from a scene chicken business, so in addition to Chicken Development Tan Chau, he also entered dozens of aquifers from abroad for farming and breeding. "Where can transport easily I buy parents or chicks about farming. Each pair of chickens costs several million VND to 30-40 million dong. There are also water far away, unable to transport live chicken, I have to enter eggs and proceed to hamlets. Many times at risk in transportation makes the chicken died or a few tens of millions of eggs only hatched 1-2 chickens ", Mr. Nam said. Thai Tre Thailand is raised at Anh Nam farm. (Photo: Quang Nam). Mini Cochin. (Photo: Quang Nam). Malaysia's Serena. (Photo: Quang Nam). Phuong Hoang - Phoenix Onagado Japan. (Photo: Quang Nam). Fish scales - Sebright. (Photo: Quang Nam). Poland Lion - Polish. (Photo: Quang Nam). Union but, passionate about Chicken scene that makes him not give up but continue to buy and breed. Up to now, Mr. Nam has owned 2 large-scale chicken farms from 500-700m2 in Me Linh (Hanoi) and Binh Xuyen (Vinh Phuc). Each farm was built into 4 separate areas: Area for imported chickens; parent chicken farming area; The missed chicken chicken area and the area for chickens are ready to sell. The British farm is about 2,000 Tan Chau bamboo chickens, 50 unicorns and dozens of imported chicken breeds. He also creates jobs for 3-5 people who specialize in chicken care and in charge of selling, transporting. supply only

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