8x Single Showing A Series Of Rice Trays ‘not Delicious Not To Take Money’, The Sisters Love The Kitchen ’round Eyes’

The rice trays shown by Hong Diep on the kitchen lovers recently made many sisters to admire admiration because of a single life but the rice rice has 8X cooked and very delicious, attractive and extremely delicious .0: 00/2: 16 Southern region with perspective, single life often likes to eat goods to save time, fast - neatly - no loss of effort, Hong Diep (8x, tp.hcm) Cooking as a special hobby. Despite single life, every day she is still very hard to go to the cooking stove. The self-owned house is about work so Hong Diep is very flexible on time, so she has the conditions to get into the kitchen to cook more

. 8x said, although only starting the kitchen about almost a year now, this is really a great passion of herself. Before, a lot of years in Hong Diep all eat dirt or buy food home . Then there was a certain time, she realized that her self-cooking and enjoying your hand, I was still the best
And until love with cuisine eaves, there are days sisters for 8 hours only in the kitchen to make everything in the world. To save cooking time, she will go to the menu before . When cooking, Diep will take about 2 hours for preliminary processing and processing. Because of eating alone, she will cook food all day, enough for lunch and dinner. Dinner, 8x only rehaps the food. This way helps her save a lot of time. 'The secret of cooking anything "academic" the experience a little bit and tasted itself, reducing its own taste. Cooking and enjoying the dish I cooked as the happiest, I like to eat well and like food to be beautiful '- 8x share. The Hong Diep cooked dishes are very rich, diverse, rarely duplicate because Thanks to her or online learning the recipes. There are even many items that are the first time she cooks
It is known that the cost for each 8x meals conducted from VND 200,000 to 400 thousand VND. In each of Hong Diep's rice rice, there are always a bowl of soup, a salty dish and vegetables. Occasionally, in exchange for the wind for home meals, she also replaced rice with dishes like vermicelli, bread ... Hong Diep also liked to show dishes to be beautiful, from unfamiliarism gradually became successful, More professional. Because it is alone so occasionally 8x also invites friends to play and enjoy meals with themselves. It is praise from friends that Diep is increasingly cooking, cooking deliciously as a way of enjoying life. The manner of the rice rice is full of appetite on the main Ms. Hong Diep (8x, tp.hcm) . Although he was single, he lived alone, but she was still very hardworking in the cooking stove. Current job of 8x is a cosmetic business online.

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