9 Episode With Walls And Abdomen Gathered Clearly After Only 2 Weeks

To avoid causing the feeling of boring and quitting episodes, changing regular practice schedule is a secret. Exercises with the wall below will definitely make you unexpected at the end of the training session! 0:00 / 3: 22 Southern Japanese people or take advantage of the wall to relax the mind, reduce back pain, resist stroke and wealth Thien shape. Dad the number of sisters to practice, all have a strong desire that exercises to small belly. Perhaps because today's sexy fashion trends show off this department, many sisters are worried. To reduce belly fat, women need a lot of rhythmic coordination between eating and practicing

. There are many sisters who are very good at dining or cutting their diets. With such cases, only a little bit of tricks in the exercises are already able to see clear body changes after only 2-3 weeks. Absolute time to stretch this way, everyone is worried about Episode at home less tools and many people are also too bored with abdomen with Crunch or Plank
Perhaps the abdomen series with this wall will give you a complete training inspiration completely. Abdominal exercises with the walls below, you don't need to go shoes, which can go to the ground. The exercise string can practice regularly every day, or 4-5 times per week attached to the upper body or lower body. Each movement exercises in 30s and breaks from 5-10s alternating every half. To promote the process of burning fat under the skin, you can perform a combined wire jump later.Bridge is prepared in the posture on the back position, the foot guards on the wall, noting not to close closely about 10cm away from Foot wall. Performing hip lift movements to the back and thighs form a straight line and you tighten the belly, thighs, back and back hand at this top stretching point. Then lowered in the original posture. This action is not simply eating deep into the abdominal muscle but also helps improve the CORE mechanical section very well to support the strength exercises such as Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press , .
. Mountain Climberst suppressed his hand to the floor and slowly stepped on the wall. The lower your legs, the more energy will burn. For weak abdominal women, it can be set up a little higher. After that, you gossip in the abdomen pulling the pillow to the chest, while it is still resistant to the hand to the floor. This action is quite difficult, if you're not yet done, practice to your legs on the ground before Lift the skill up.Table Top CrunchYou lie close to the floor on the floor, the knee forms a square corner with the wall. Hands to slightly sleeve ears and slowly make scrolling movements each vertebrae, directing the people up. This exercise burns a lot in the diaphragm part of the abdomen. If the muscles are old, you can use the back of the back of the nape, however, the effect of lifting forces is sufficient to effectively eat into the abdomen. This stomach can ease the tension after the Moutain Climbers above. Remember to feel the abdominal muscles that limit the belly to bend the belly. Mountain Gliders performs the anti-hand movement and set foot up the same similar Mountain Climbers. After that, in turn lowered the legs and kicked the cross to the other side. This action contributes to improving the lower abdomen and strengthening the chance. Let's slow down at the stone point of the leg to feel the abdominal muscles are "screaming"! V-SitRefore leaning straight into the wall and giving up the force to raise his legs high, while his hand stretching the ground to balance. At first glance V-SIT seems very easy but it is difficult to do it. You must use a huge force in the abdominal muscles to keep the vacuum to touch the ground, and the arm also participates in very deep operation.Toe touch This will be easier to breathe than V-SIT, so don't give up. You lie on your back and stretch your legs on the wall. Then the likes in the abdomen to pull this part to touch the other leg, the higher the point of touching energy. Hold about half a second at the touch point of the limbs, only after a few days of episodes, you will feel the abdominal muscles Strongly seeing it clearly.Side Plank LiftsAll number of sisters is quite weak on the side plank because it must use great force in the ribs. You fight the elbow side of the floor perpendicular floor and turn your hips, the higher the hips, the more you feel the part of the ribs and the bucket section is stretched all the size. Still exercise on the left and right ! Don't give up because we only have 2 lessons! Reverse Mountain Climbers You prepare a similar posture like Bridge and perform a 1-legged face, the other legs stretching. This movement improves CORE muscle very effective because you have to use both buttocks, thighs, backs, stomachs, hands at the same time. Try to put the hips up high, don't go down, you are doing very well! V-UPV -Up easily breathe than V-sit very much. You lie on your back and legs based on the wall, heading the legs out. Then, make the stomach roll movement to reach the wall touch the wall. The action of V-up is nearly crunch but will eat more into the lower abdomen when you expand your legs! A beautiful belly season is also at meal Eat before and after practice. Don't forget to load enough energy with enough components: Carb, Protein and Fat! Series episode with walls will continue with the thigh butt and the upper body. Yellow

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