9 Skin Care Secrets Help Indian Women Are Not Old

0:00 / 4: 57 Southern southern southern skin care secrets helps Indian women who are not old, Miss, Indian models still retain their skin, beautiful shape even though they reach the milestone of 40, 50 years old with only Beauty materials are available at home. Daishwarya Rai Bachchan, Miss World 1994 is still beautiful at age 47. The secret to her radiant skin is to regularly apply the mixture of green bean flour, milk cream and a little technology. Research has demonstrated artistic activity - Curcumin brings many benefits to the skin. Curcumin can support healing and collagen growth

. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, preventing aging. Just remember that when using turmeric, do not use too much because it can make your skin with gold. Illustration
The skin and eliminating the dull of the 50-year-old Padma Lakshmi but always confident about the appearance. According to her, the secret to the spotless skin is honey. She applied honey to face and neck, avoiding sensitive eyes, mild massgae and rinseed. There are many skin healing properties, which can help reduce acne and inflammation. It can also speed up healing and cell repair. Honey loses the dull color of tired skin, leaving you fresh look. Illustration Illustration of Kapoor Khan sandstormwood is a famous Indian actress. At the age of 40, she has a much younger skin than the age. Khan said he regained her shape after pregnancy thanks to yoga. In addition, the favorite self-made mask consists of two spoons of sandalwood powder, two drops of vitamin E oil and a native, helping her younger
In case you want to moisturize more, you can mix sandalwood powder With honey. But if you need a mask for oily skin, mix sandalwood powder with rose water and a little turmeric. Wait for a dry mask and then rinse with warm water. The sandalwood has a lot of beneficial characteristics. Along with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial capabilities, it also prevents the development of unwanted cells. It can reduce pigment, sunshine and tortoise spots, and keep the skin bright. The illustration. Moisture with coconut oilFreida Pinto from a Bollywood model becomes a Hollywood actress . At the age of 36, Freida believes that the key of a beautiful skin is moisturizing in the weather. On dry hall days, she always applied coconut oil every night to keep skin moist and soft. The studies have shown that coconut oil can kill bacteria, heal wounds and scars, reduce inflammation and hold Water for skin. In addition, it also has SPF, although it is unable to replace SPF sunscreen daily. Illustration. Lighten skin with post-world milk 2000, Priyanka Chopra Jonas always appears perfectly on the red carpet. The secret to her beautiful skin is a homemade exfoliating mask at home. These substances exfoliate for the skin and remove small hairs on the face, neck. Mix a whole cup of whole flour with a native, a few drops of lemon juice and rose water with enough creamy yogurt to Forming a mixture of viscosity. Mask yogurt has many effects on the skin, including brightening and pores. Lactic acids, present in yogurt and other dairy products, aid in reducing wrinkles. Lemon juice can also lighten the skin, as long as it is used at a moderate level. The illustration. The coffee can solve CellulRec with another Indian beauty, Malaika Arora is known for his body and lane The skin was toned at age 47. She said her beauty was thanks to regular yoga and different beauty secrets. She likes a full-body exfoliating cream made by mixing coffee grounds, brown sugar and a little coconut oil. There are some benefits for skin such as Cellulite reduction and inflammation. Studies show that it can even help prevent skin cancer. Illustrative illustration.The passionate healing age 43, Miss Priyanka Chopra possesses its own beauty and radiant skin. Her beauty secret is sunbathing in the morning to supplement vitamin D. In case of pimples or inflammation, she will take a aloe leaf in the backyard, using the inside gel to massage Da.Loops have properties that are beneficial for the skin. Aloe helps heal skin by solving acne, inflammation, sun injury and even scars. Illustration. Beautiful from Choanushka Sharma is a 33-year-old actor cum actor coming from India, famous for bright skin. Her skin care tips are crushing a banana to massage all over him. You can choose to shower immediately or leave in a few minutes to get better results. Some studies show anti-aging bananas and can fix wrinkles. In the case of all bananas, you can use papaya or mangoes. AHA substances in these fruits have exfoliating effects, brighten skin and have anti-aging properties. Illustration. The green bean helps you to be radiant Miss Miss Universe in 1994 At age 18, now 45 years old, she is still radiant with a simple secret. She made her own exfoliating mixture / mask by mixing besan green beans with k

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