9 Tips To Help You Own A Soft Skin In The Dry Season

Dry season is the time when the skin is often 'poor' away but was back at many festivals, where you need to appear to look radiant ro.0: 00/4: 01Nu Namai domain that do not want to look splendid in a party or in a crowd? Of course, your appearance will not complete if you do not have light skin. But to get glowing skin is not simple because winter can wreak havoc on your skin. Dry weather and humidity take away all make your skin dull. So skin care is a must if you really want to become the central figure of the tiec

.Cham skin care in winter is a challenge not easily dang.Tien Blossom Kochhar officer, chairman of the Group Blossom Kochhar (India) reveal some skin care tips to help all women can easily be done before going to a party. These tips will help you get glowing skin and clean mun
1. Drink plenty of water, the secret is simple but can not be ignored because of a skin depTien Dr. Kochhar said hydration is very important for overall health and it is also very important for the skin, protect the skin from drying out. Not only that, it helps to maintain good pH balance of the skin, toxic waste, reduce wrinkles, prevent pimples, manage moisture and improve elasticity of da.2. XanhChe diet eating vegetables rich in nutrients also help improve skin health. Include leafy vegetables dark green because they are rich in vitamin, minerals and phytochemicals anti-aging, maintain skin looks bright for da.3 health. Cleaning leather ngayTien Dr. Kochhar said: 'daily cleansing is the secret to glowing skin and does not age'
Skin needs deep cleaning, especially if you are doing this to get looks radiant. In winter, switch to using moisturizing cleanser can help supply water for parched skin and support the barrier da.Hay regular moisturizer if you do not want to be itching and flaking skin troc.4. AmDuy moisture balm really important for any skin care regimen, even for those kind of oily and combination skin. Dr. Kochhar suggested: 'Let oiled moisturizer on your face, neck and around the eyes in the morning and evening. In particular, you should apply it after makeup remover or cleansing to maintain am'.5. Hongde mask flowers have bright skin, try masking commission under the guidance of Dr Kochhar. Roses have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Homemade mask to roses, you grab a handful of rose petals (two roses), crushing the petals which a slurry with two tablespoons of milk, then add a teaspoon of honey if you want. Apply this mixture on your face and neck. Let stand for 15 minutes, rinse, then apply moisturizer. You can mask this 2 times / week for results tot.6. East thanMua treatments tend to dry skin, loss of looks bright not only the face but also on your body. So, you can not skip the whole body skin care. Dr. Kochhar suggest you apply a moisturizer to dry the sensitive components such as foot and tay.7. AmChat moisturizing cream helps the skin hydrated and prevent dehydration. Also, remember that even if ownership oily skin, you also need to moisturize the skin regularly. Dr. Kochhar recommend using a moisturizer that contains vitamin E, amino acids and moisturizing creams hyaluronic.Chat acid helps the skin hydrated and prevent loss nuoc.8. Exfoliating scrub too hard chetTranh, if not dry out the skin. Dr. Kochhar said: 'Do not use any AHA, retinol or any powerful exfoliants in this time, as they can take away the skin cells, shine and moisture of the skin. Use of lactic acid instead. It helps to improve elements of the skin's natural moisture or water retention by the skin itself. In addition, it improves the signs of aging and stimulate collagen remodeling, and can tighten your skin. Try to exfoliate once a week if you're a normal skin type and twice a week if you have skin sunscreen dau'.Kem help increase the brightness of da.9. Sunscreen nangBuoc most importantly apply sunscreen every day. Even in winter, the sun is equipped with a conditioning cream needed. Dr. Kochhar said, sunscreen helps increase the brightness of the skin, protect you from UV rays can cause pigmentation and aging som.Thuy Kieu

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