9 Types Of Beauty Materials Are From Ancient Remedies So Far

Here are 9 traditional skin care ingredients from ancient times but today are still applied in beauty.1. Mint, traditional skin care materials from Egypt in the world's oldest medical books Note, can use mint to treat vapor, help digestion. Today, we beat the mint flavor with gum and mouthwood mouth and it has good skin care for heavenly skin, acne oil. It has the properties of pores and eliminating lubricants

. Illustration.2. Utital powder from Indiaubtans is a kind of powder prepared from turmeric powder, chicken bean powder and sandalwood pulp
Ubtan is prepared according to Ayurvedic formula, which helps skin balance, supplement moisture to dry skin and remove excess oil on oily skin.3. Yogurt and olive oil from Greece Greece is also used to cover the face. Yogurt contains natural lactic acid works to clean deep pores, soothe sunburn. Honey is also combined with yogurt to resist inflammation for the skin. Yogurt and olive oil in the skin care process will bring clean and humid skin.4. Pink quartz stone, traditional skin care tool from Egypt Roller Massage and Gua Sha are traditional skin care tools. Gua Sha massage is derived from China. Energy of pink quartz stone and pharmaceutical queen Egyptian Cleopatra used to cure, when putting them into the bath with
5. Neem leaf tree (Neem tree) from Neem leaves is one of India's versatile species. All components of neem trees - flowers, leaves, fruits, bark, seeds containing active ingredients with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant, acne treatment. The main reason because it has a high antibacterial, antiseptic. Today, Neem oil is combined with salicylic acid for those who do not want to use pools.6. Argan oil, traditional skin care ingredients from Moroccan Argan rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and fatty acids are healthy, nourish smooth hair. Argan oil also has the use of skin soothing, suitable for blogs (Rosacea); Or psoriasis.7. Traditional skin care with pearl powder, from China Pearls have a skin lightening effect and helps the body increase collagen. Pearl powder can be taken orally or mixed with skin care products. It also increases the ability to produce collagen; And improve the quality of hair, skin and nails.8. Epsom Bath Salt from United Kingdom is a powerhouse, so Epsom bath salts with minerals from hot springs become famous thanks to ... Advertising force of this country. This salt type is called according to the local name discovers it, Epsom also becomes a city of the spa because helping the body less fatigue, pink roses.9. Coconut oil from Indian coconut oil is highly moisturizing, which is a traditional skin care component that brings smooth skin and thick hair, strong, elbows or knees are dry, peeling, apply a little Coconut oil to improve them. Coconut oil is also used to nourish MI, help Mi quickly grow long and limit the condition of a healthy.

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