9 Years Of Parking Such As New, Vietnamese Giants Sell Rare Audi A1 S-line For Vnd 690 Million

Using for nearly a decade but the Audi A1 S-Line will only go 55,000km (equivalent to 6,100km / year) .0:00 / 2: 31 nanaudi A1 domain is not a moderately outstanding model at Vietnam. However, this model still captured symptoms from customers who prefer small and convenient cars. Audi A1 S-Line is rarely more than universal Audi A1 on the market. However, if only looks over, it is difficult to see the difference on external appearance compared to the standard version

. The grid grille, headlights and fog lights still have the same design of the regular Audi A1. The Audi A1 is mentioned in the production article in 2012, belonging to the S-Line version. Up to now, the new car only runs 55,000km
The difference between the two versions is Audi A1 S-Line owns 5 doors and dual 5-spoke wheels, instead of a single 3-door and LA-zangs on the standard version . Put on the inside, the interior compartment will probably make many people surprised by the quality of the car even for 9 years old. The seat surface has appeared wrinkles but not significantly. The black plastic cladding details are still sleek, the keys are clearly clear. 3-spoke-shaped spreads, integrating buttons like on the universal Audi A1. The bottom is closed the logo of the S-line version. The hatchback of the 4 circle brand is equipped with a central screen with a moderate size, the display quality is still quite good. Some other amenities can be mentioned as electrical rearview mirrors, electric windows, however, the seat is still correcting, the center of the center can customize the elevation, automatic air conditioning. Entertainment including CD players and SD.Audi A1 S-Line 2012 card readers are being sold using 1
4L TFSI engine, combining the same automatic transmission 7 levels for output power 122 horsepower and 200nm tissue -Men twist. Vehicles have the ability to accelerate from 0-100km / h in 8.9 seconds and reach a maximum speed of 203km / h. Technological safety and driver support, vehicles using sports suspension systems, bag systems gas, anti-lock braking system (ABS), reversing camera, electronic brake force allocation (EBD), electronic stability control (ESC) ... Although rolling is not much, the Audi A1 s- Line 2012 has a resale price of only VND 690 million. On the existing old car market, most of the Audi A1 standard version, of Model 2010. Therefore, this S-Line variant will become a deserved choice for customers who like to stand out, find Earn luxury and compact on a sports car.

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