90 Cultural Portraits Through ‘blue Eyes’ Of Gs Phong Le

In nearly 60 years of study, by his 'blue eyes', GS Phong Le was thickly surrounded by 90 cultural portraits - Vietnamese literature. Photo: IT.90 Portrait of celebrities is arranged in order of five births and times, from big names such as Chu Van An, Le Thanh Tong, Nguyen Binh Khiem, Nguyen Du, Nguyen Cong Tru, Cao Ba Shouting ..

. to the cultural faces, the outstanding literature of the 20th century. Cultural program in 800 pages of Phong Le (former Director of Literature Institute) is a big name, author of 15 books Printing and editor owners over 20 collective works on modern Vietnamese literature. He was defined Professor in 1991, held a position of editing literary magazine
In addition, he is an excellent researcher, criticist, once honored to be awarded the State Award for Science and Technology in 2005. In the old age is rare, but GS Phong Le is still labor Put with a passion for literature in an intense way. He also launched a collection of "90 cultural and literary portraits". The book has a large capacity with more than 800 pages of writing, released by the young publisher. The false arranges the portraits with the names that make a big move in the Middle and Modern literature such as Chu Van An, Le Saint Tong, Nguyen Binh Khiem, Nguyen Du, Cao Ba Quat ... Each character is portrayed not only shows individual styles, contributions of each individual, but also creating an overall look at the cultural journey Ethnicity.90 Portrait through "Blue Eyes" of GS Phong Le is not as simple as a profiles, nor completely "summarizing" their lives with pink materials. With the experience of nearly 60 years of research, GS Phong Le is likened as the head of the Van Nhan village
With a writing style, each portrait appears excitedly. Therefore, even though many people have written about Chu Van An, but through the pen of GS Phong Le, the readers find outstanding in the mettle and the personality of a typical grape house. Through that personality and gas, Portrait of a simple and great teacher appears. Which is simple and why it becomes great? It is a question that is not easy to answer, especially for each character. But the simplicity - like a truth, becomes the foundation of the greatness, when a normal human skin with flesh is putting itself to the suffering of others. Like to Nguyen Du, so far There was too many posts but Phong Le still spent two posts and thought it was just enough. "Nguyen Du and Kieu's story masterpiece" with "a position on Nguyen Du for today and forever" is the two aspects of "closing" the value of the great poem in the history of the nation. Eyes about 90 cultural portraits, Vietnamese literature.90 Portrait - Every person with characters, literary works that GS Phong Le pursues throughout the research journey like Nam Cao, Xuan Dieu, Made Lan Vien, Quang Dung, Doan Phu Tu ... there, every writer is recognized thoroughly, giving readers to see talent, the stature of large writers. Especially, in the spirit of "bringing its own In the common place, there may be unjustowned places, but just watch the characters that the author chosen: Truong Vinh Ky - Pacific book with a crime, Nguyen Van Vinh in the first round of national literature, Tan Da with the need for renewal, drama and bosses to publish Vu Dinh Long, Nhat Linh Nguyen Tuong Tam - founder and owner of self-reliance in the delegation, Nguyen Tuan - who came to be beautiful and fish I Really, the ceiling gradually and after a certain poem won ... can see what the author presented with strange attractions and unprecedented unprecedented anywhere. With the striking literary phenomena on the text Modern, GS Phong Le always gave timely, true and very winful comments. When writer Nguyen Huy Tinh launched the three historical works, GS Phong Le wrote: "The assessment is different, what is the opposite of the harsh, criticism and praise at extreme levels, which does not deny , even more affirming "phenomenon" Nguyen Huy Thiep ... breaking the so silent, depressed, stagnant ". A lot of writer Bao Ninh, GS Phong Le mentioned" what is only the values of new authentic literature Can be created. It is that, the purification and cleaning value is what makes "sadness of war" find existence and true life in human heart, anywhere and any time ". In terms of literature of the author Nguyen Nhat Anh is between evil, the fake is surrounded today, we still have faith. Goodness, good, beauty is still in life, and in human relations, arouse the desire to live in kind, living for others. About Lake Dzo, GS Phong Le billionia said: "Mr. I remind us to live hard, more humanity with what is intimate, and what is strange or horizontal in the strenuous operation of your life, both in the forgetting yourself ". "90 cultural and literary portraits" are 90 tonsils, although "every person one looks", but all shows the talent, style, enthusiasm. Through 90 cultural portraits, people th

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