9x Boy With Unique Paintings From The Shirt

Nguyen Phuoc Quy Thanh (alumni of chemical technology industry, Ho Chi Minh City Food Industry University. HCM) is known as the author of the painting idea with a button. During the execution of the way, you have released the paintings with meaningful messages of 200:00 / 2: 25 years ago after graduating from the chemical technology industry, you have started Working at a silk and industrial printing company. After a period of time being a job, it was not suitable for myself to work at the end of the month. At this time, accidentally saw the words "The shirt buttons can make a picture", this has inspired it to the current passion

. "First time, I had a lot of pressure. Family and friends prohibit and think that they "have problems", even intend to take themselves to a psychological examination. About the first two years doing the competition, so many people pay attention, because this category is uncommon
But I see many people doing silent after that are well known. So I hope later everyone knows this kind of paintings more, "said the attention of the buttons by creative buttons. Quyen of his products, to create spread products Posts, transmit to everyone environmental protection messages, because now, plastic products are extremely toxic if people do not know how to use them properly. It is said that if it keeps continuing, gradually the environment and our health will be increasingly threatened, then many implications for the next generation. It was the ideals that caught the collection of unused buttons, excess spoons ... to make pictures with countless different content. Paintings with the shirt button of the city Friends are very interested in. "The store's store" store is a place to sell all kinds of art paintings and products with unique, novelty buttons
Whether studying the technology industry and not trained through any class of painting techniques, the quarter has studied itself, learn to create its own marked products. You share: "With small paintings, I do about 2 to 3 hours. And the big picture loses 2 to 3 days to complete. It takes a few weeks for more complex paintings. "The Indian restaurant receives a precious picture to encourage India's anti-epidemic mental. Future, quarterly plans plans to create more lines of paintings with the Austria button, open exhibitions with new themes, opening classes of creativity and teaching paintings. Besides, you will be creatively creatively added national paintings to donate a few foreign artists that fans to spread the positive message of young Vietnamese people.

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