9x Saigon Married H’mong Wife After 5 Months ‘accommodation’ For Covid-19

Holidays of the 30/4 year this year of Ngoc lasts longer than expected. Because of Covid-19, he was stuck with Sin Suoi Ho, could not go home. At the end of September, Ngoc decided to 'marry "the most beautiful girl.' Familia 'At the first time, it was necessary to believe that the friend familiar with the next year to Ha Giang and through the Lai Chau play, from Sin Spring Lake (Phong Tho district) Huat Thi Tú cầu Tú Cầm Phố Wait for a day. At that time, the loudness was shocked

. She kept looking at the clock. Every three hours, she moved the coffee shop because she couldn't sit away for too long with only one drink. Normally, the journey from Ha Giang to Lai Chau only lost 6-7 hours of moving but Nguyen Thanh Ngoc From 8am, 8 hours will go to the place
Over the day of "executing" with 3 changes, Ngoc was picked up with a bright smile. On the second moment, Phuong Nam had sympathized with "Northwest Mountain Flower". Time to stuck in the village to help the couple understand each other more well. SN 1996) Special favorite local tourism development. The sine sine streams where the raw is living once a poor land, sinking in addiction. The day people go to the forest to find a grinding, darkness on the table, hole. Tough over 20 years, Sin Suoi Ho has changed the meat, becomes a community tourist destination with standard 5? Poppy, non-smoking Pipe or tobacco, non-gambling, without littering. Both colors are colorful with many homestays and 40,000 orchids spread all the roads. The outdoor wedding scenery of Ngoc and Tú.
From the day of schooling in Hanoi, Tú has regularly led friends and foreign delegations to the village. Before working as a Heart Cooperative Manager Sin Suoi Ho (Cooperative including 12 households associated tourism development), tiger spent 1 year working in Sa Pa to cultivate experiences. Completing the position Ly cooperative, tiger known many people, pick up many delegations to visit, arrange guests for homestays or support charitable activities. In the next time you welcome the volunteer team to organize the summer camp for children in Version, familiar with Ms. Nguyen Thi Nhu lives in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM. Feeling impressed about the cute and hospitable girl, she was like "showing off" with a tiger about Nguyen Thanh Ngoc - the sister was born in 1994 handsome but still single. I think there is another friend More opportunities to promote village images as all times are caught, referrals have fun friends with Ngoc.Nguyen Thanh Ngoc when he is a photographer and a kitchen of a 5-star hotel in Phu Quoc (Kien Giang). Through the first chat times, Ngoc recognized himself and the new girl had a lot of common points. Both love traveling, taking pictures, exploring ... through social networks, they often share each other's living pictures in two places. The Northwest girl knows many Kien Giang specialties, sunny and wind beaches in Phu Quoc.qua shapes sent, jewels are "visited" the bird's house on the way to the heart waterfall In the H'mong village, Cat Apple Garden, the Garden of Local Lan is brilliant ... Some pictures in the wedding. Triple time travel affects for Covid-19 early 2020, both more chat and catch Looking forward to the other message, the call of the other. Then 12/2020, Ngoc has a business trip to Ha Giang and declare the appointment to meet the girl I chat 1 year online. Both quickly overcame the original embarrassment and heard the heartbeat of the heart. The last year weather was cold, the jade was sick because of the sudden weather changes from the south to the North. The boy is emotionally tied when he is interested in buying for each pill, taking care of each meal. Before the night returned to Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City, in the small cafe overlooking the panoramic panoramic Spring of Ho and Venh carrying terraced fields in front of the face, the flourish fire, Ngoc took the hand tiger took all the courage. Special marriage between mountains and forests Ho Chi Minh City, Ngoc suspended work in Phu Quoc to go to English. Loving time, both often texting, calling to feel the presence of the other in his life. He counted every day to get to Lai Chau to visit the holiday lover 30 / 4. Boys married wife immediately after the accused of the duration of Covid-19. This holiday is unexpectedly longer than imagining. Because of Covid-19, Ngoc was stuck with Sin Suoi Ho, could not go home for months. For several months. Identify, experiencing many habitats and work, early jade adapting to life in village H 'Butt. In the early days, his father-in-law was built, cooked for masons, planting flowers and improving the coffee shop. Arriving to the season, he learned to draw plow, ground, pulling and rolled pants to the fields quickly. June 24, tiger made the jade unexpectedly by a warm dress party. If the previous years, birthdays passed by dull with commune wishes, this year, Ngoc was picked up with a new age with a lover between the Northwest village. "Birthday party without bread, no flowers but really makes me touched," Ngoc remembers again.

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