9x Tells The Story Of The Soldier Love Through The Image

As a solid officer, discipline in the army environment but outside, Tuan Tran is a dreamy photographer. Through the boy's camera lens in 1997, the pictures 'flask' couples received a lot of interest, favorites from the network community.0: 00/4: 34 namthot Military Technical Institute career, Tran Anh Tuan (Tuan Tran) is currently a officer, lieutenant level, belonging to the X78 workshop - Technical Department, Military Zone 2 (Phu Tho). As an officer, for 9x strictness and discipline in the military helped him have good working in work. When standing in front of a problem, instead of acting on feelings, he always considered and made a scientific decision

. Tran Anh Tuan (Tuan Tran) is currently a officer, Lieutenant Lieutenant, belonging to the workshop X78 - Technical Department, Military Zone 2 (Phu Tho) Quang Ninh Officer said that all activities in the military have a specific schedule and time with high discipline. However, this is not a hard-drying environment that is always filled with singing, the laughter of the soldiers. "Dry or her chief is due to the personality of each person, not the team is like that
Don't have a lot of soldiers with funny and talented talents such as Tu Long NSND, the group of three teams of the army, Nose Head or the soldiers in the program we are soldiers, how to enlist ... what? " , Tuan Tran Funny Share.Say Maze Photography, Tuan Tran wishes to introduce and spread beautiful images of soldiers to everyone who loves art and the subjects that require meticulousness, skillfulness, Tuan Tran tried to try to paint, cut hair ... but after all, 9X found a passion for photography. In the process of living in the army, Tuan often caught the moments, unintentionally thinking again He suddenly laughed, happy and suddenly loving his life. The young officer decided to save the idle moments that gorgeous with his camera
Five 2020, Tran Tuan set Fanpage "Teams" with the desire to introduce and spread the images Beautiful about the soldier to everyone. 9x regularly posted impressive photos of the lives and love of soldiers. Each the picture shows the unique and full of the nature of the mammoth Photos are a story with rustic and sincere affections. It is the velvet nostalgia of the distance days, a smile and tears of soldiers when lovers visit. and "Teams "It is the place for a 24-year-old officer to record beautiful moments about their soldiers and love. Currently, Tuan Tran's" team shop "attracted more than 15,000 tracks. Each set The photo posted all received thousands of favorite and sharing of the online community. "I hope through the photos I posted, people will better understand the lives of those Soldier. It was a life with bright colors, not tedious and dry as everyone still thought, "9x laughs. Each stories stretching from barracks to Hanoi Ward Street like Ho Guom, Old town, old collective areas ... create romantic and dreamy pictures. Tran said, he often accepted to take a photo on weekends or holidays. British customers are mainly soldiers, lovely couples that take advantage of wedding photography or save moments, memories together. Each the picture shows the unique and full of substances The dream officer. Tuan Tran shared: "The lens when looking with an eye of a military person sometimes becomes more strict, unable to be as comfortable as other photographers. But not so that lacks the cheerful, chattering colors of people who are in love, "Tran said, he did not rehabilitate the context of shooting in a certain space. Each photo of 9X is the story stretching from barracks to Hanoi Ward streets such as Ho Guom, Old Town, old collective areas ... All creating romantic and dreamy photos. " Each couple will have stories and ways to show different love. It can be intensity, skin or romance, gentle, sophisticated ... so I often choose the context suitable for each couple, so that space adorns your own love story They ", Tuan expressed. is a military officer but Tuan Tran is not afraid to try new things. 9x always keeps in the saying: "Don't care about the crowd effect, just do it well what yourself plans to, every effort will be rewarded." The first, no one thinks Tuan Tran will Success with photography jobs. Those, the determination and effortless efforts, Tuan Tran's "team shop" was more and more known. From the early days of inviting the couple in the military to shoot affordable, the current customer contacted himself and set a snatch with him. "I am happy with the achievements you gain. Although it was small, it was an extremely big motivation for me to continue building her photo shop. "The 24-year-old soldier said it would continue to be

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