9x With Three Ambulance Drivers Into Ho Chi Minh City.

Time and three put ambulance into Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh Anti-epidemic, the 9X 9X countryside of Quang Binh had memorable experiences in life. This journey will contribute to Hun to cast a mature intelligent with enthusiastic enthusiasm voluntary.0: 00/4: 22nam Southern regularly contact with messages, short calls, journey more than 2 weeks of the same three Dang Minh Tri's anti-epidemic support (SN 1997), residing in Duc Ninh commune, TP. Dong Hoi (Quang Binh) has been shared with PV suckhoedoisong

.vn.Thinh Tri and three days of troops on the road into Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh Support for anti-epidemic
Minh Tri is known as the 9x boy volunteer to drive ambulance from Quang Binh to Bac Giang to support anti-epidemic.After completing the task, returning to the isolation at home, mind Invite three together to support the work prevention and combat in the city. Ho Chi Minh City. At the end of the NVCH support in Bac Giang (Photo: NVCC). After entering the epidemic area in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh, contrary to the initial estimate is that two three-ways will go on his ambulance to replace each other. But because of the many workloads, the three of Tri is Mr. Dang Tri to receive an additional 16-seat car to his son to carry out the transportation of positive cases with SARS-COV-2 into a panic hospital, Transfer medical instruments, volunteer team ..
Minh Tri said, the days in the epidemic area, when exposed to cases F0, F1 itself is still a bit worried. But with experiences with anti-epidemic days in Bac Giang, along with the encouragement and guidance of the three and the members doing anti-epidemic, reansinating more attention to complete the tasks. Working in a hot protective suit (Photo: NVCC). "Entering Ho Chi Minh City, the contact with F0 is a daily story so I am used to it. Because wearing protective clothes for a long time, hot And sweat should feel very uncomfortable, but longer and familiar. I am uncomfortable, how much I love you will participate in anti-epidemic and people, "and share. More than 2 weeks ago, PV often Receiving the messages from Minh Tri with the content: "Today I run 5 trips of carrying patients and your medical supplies, tired but funny" or "day running F, Dark to bring food to people difficult now about leave you "; ... During those transfer cars, there were also happy stories that I wanted to see and want to share. Which of the time when welcoming the whole family 5 people suffers from Covid-19, including a small child only 3, 4 years old to cry when he saw an ambulance. Then the image of the house stood looking at the ambulance to carry the house with Covid-19 until it caught his eyes. The joy stories are motivated for their minds like the transition of the old husband with Covid-19 to the hospital, although Diseases but their moods are still very optimistic, chatting with the same way on a long way to move and confidently claim that it will soon win the disease. Him long, Minh Tri is familiar with the British Hair "reluctant" (Photo: NVCC). "Regularly reading your medical newspapers, seeing positive cases, the patient is more than fun. Everyday exposure, transporting many cases , seeing them is still optimistic to be happy and the motivation to continue trying to complete the job is that ", the position is shared. On the journey F and through social networks, Tri and Ba know a lot In case of difficult circumstances need help. Tri through social networks to call people to support food, food as well as essential items for people in difficulties. Shortly cut the rest time, about 18pm daily, Tri and Three ransper carry charity to each corner to give to the people. And three with the people who run cars carry charity to each Alley to donate to the people (Photo: NVCC). Share with PV, Mr. Dang Tri Thong - I intelligent said, the days with his son participated in anti-epidemic in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh has a lot of hard but he is very proud to have partially contribute to their children to push the disease. When the epidemic head route is needed, the three of his children continue to make efforts to perform the task. After a long day of stress, fatigue, he remembers his wife and relatives. On the same time, the child on the road against the translation he had to let his wife stay home alone. Calls on late night to reassure and padded wife makes him go somewhat nostalgic. Long-term days support F, Health staff, medical equipment (Photo: NVCC). "To Mother at home is safe, 2 children often call for free time. I also promised her to ensure anti-epidemic measures, fully prepared the medical equipment needed to safely for themselves and Everyone, an appointment when the translation ends, the two dads will return, "he concerned. Thong added, he and his son will continue to stay in the city. Ho Chi Minh City until basic translation is controlled. He also hopes that the pandemic will soon be controlled so that he and the national health workers nationwide the Southern Translation Hall returns with relatives and friends in joy and pride. See more videos

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