New Books September: ‘when The Translation Of The Century Covid-19 Passes Through’

The events, stories, characters of Covid-19 pandemic has been recorded through the lively book, Humanities of the author Suong Nguyet Minh is being read by you to receive, share and sympathize. Book " When the translation of the Century Covid-19 passes through "has been released by Literature and Sbooks. (Source: SBOKS) The face "Muoi shaped" for nearly two years, Vietnam could not stand outside the storm of the century called Covid-19. The consequences of the pandemic leave incredibly large, not calculated. Humanity, humanity "crazy bowl of bowl"

.con people awareness about people, about the world and actions, behavior and displacement prevention is still endless journey to find answers. However, in the pandemic, they all revealed yuan, naked, making us startled to adjust their thinking and how to live. Vietnamese people have a sentence "through the tribulation to understand each other" Covid-19 pandemic as a measure of people
The more fierce anti-epidemic war, the more challenging human qualities. Read when the translation of the Covid-19 century passes, the reader can imagine the process of the disease. Although it has not yet ended, there are too many remarkable, remarkable, remarkable. Besides in reality with people of opportunities, profits, subjective, ignoring, fear, confusion, stigma ... even emotionless with copper pain, the majority is still honest, good, kind, courageous, dedicated, alert, rich in love, silently working well before the harshness Falling.Rong Human Literature is the pages of books about white shirt soldiers, the journalists who have the first route, soldiers in every domain, benefactors and patients who have been cured together Anti-epidemic. That, the book spreads to you to read positive energy sources from mirrors for the community, lessons learned right in the death war, losses and great things through trials orange Go.Can said, events, stories, the character was recorded with awake, humanities rich in the author of the author of Suong Nguyet Minh
He stated the event, deducted text, led the story and commented, overview with an objective and sharp look. With nearly 20 years of working in a military hospital with the contact with a writer, dew Nguyet Minh has a fairly deep look at this fiercely fierce event. Because of that, the book whether with a humble appearance, owning the source of rich and elaborate articles about Covid-19 pandemic Years around the world and in Vietnam. Cha Van, Journalist Suong Nguyet Minh real name is Nguyen Ngoc Son, home in Yen Mo, Ninh Binh. He won many literary awards such as the Vietnam Writers' Association Award in 2010, awards award of the Arts Short Story in 2003-2004, award of the Army Army Short Story in 1996, awards Literature of the Ministry of Defense 5 in 1999-2004 ... Some of his typical works: extremely holy night, who returned to the Chau river, fire in the wilderest forest, clouds flying at the end of the road, passing through the afternoon, ten Three water wharves, wild domain ... (General)

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