New Direction In Dong Leaf 2

In recent years, people in the area of Diem (Dinh Hoa) are actively changing economic structure, bringing new plant varieties and livestock to bring high economic efficiency into production. In particular, the outstanding model of stuffed snails in Dong Lai hamlet 2.0pm 2.0pm / 3: 27 male in the south of 2020, the family of the office, Dong Lai 2, the commune of Diem (Dinh Hoa) collected nearly 600 million The copper from the model of stuffed snails. We visited the model of the British family, Dong Lai 2, was the first to bring stuffing snails about farming in omen

. He has to share: in 2017, my family happened to buy 5kg of seeds of raising with the purpose of making food. Shortly after feeding, noticing stuffing snails to grow quickly, has a high economic value, so I expanded the size across the entire area of more than 1 family pond model. Just raised, I just studied technically through the inner models, outside the province and reading documents and video clips on the Internet
Thereby, I grasp the growth cycle, behavior to have a suitable farming method. With the market price from 600-700 thousand VND / kg of snail eggs, only income from selling snail eggs, in 2020, his family set up over VND 300 million. Plus income from sales of seed snails and snails, his family collected nearly VND 600 million / year. From the initial success, he has shared the experience of raising stuffed snails for local farmers with the desire to replicate the model to get rich together. Experience sharing from his family, in 2019 , Mr. Chu Manh Tien, Xom Dong League 2, spent nearly 50 million dong to renovate 3 family ponds of the family and buy seed-like snails. In 2020, his family collected over VND 100 million from selling eggs and snails. Mr. Tien said: Although approaching stuffed snails is not long but I noticed that this is a pet-resistant, easy to care for, just a clean natural water that can grow well. Food of stuffed snails is completely fried, leaves, vegetables, tubers, floating fruits on the water, so it is easy to find, low investment costs, bringing high economic efficiency
After deducting the cost, on average, each stuffed stuffed pole can give interest from 50-70 million dong / year. The last time, taking advantage of water from Dong Lao Lake, so far, the whole commune will wear Nearly 20 households breeding stuffed snails, concentrated mainly in Dong Lao village 2. Although this model initially shows high efficiency, but at the end of 2020, because people use more types Eating starches with many environmental pollution, sickness causes died snails. In addition, the annual winter in the commune area also occurs cold cold, colds affects significantly to the growth of snail. Mr. Phung Van Dang, Chairman of Commune People's Committee Wearing: In the coming time, they I will also ask the district's professional agency with a specific assessment of the potential for developing stuffed snail models in the locality. Through there are mechanisms and policies for people to have access to standards and techniques of breeding standards, helping to optimize economic efficiency and expand the model to households with demand. Based on the efficiency of livestock and evaluation of specialized agencies, Diem Dien commune will also develop the project, planning to develop a local breeding model of breeding in the locality to improve income for people. Price of specialized agencies, although stuffing snails are easy to raise, but for high-yielding snails, people need to pay attention to the full diet, ensuring nutrition, after each crop to improve dress ponds, water sources , the environment must always be clean. In particular, the snail only grows and grows when the weather is warm, when the temperature falls low, stuffing snails almost do not grow or die. Therefore, to take care of and protect stuffed snails in winter, stuffed snail people, especially seedlings need to pay attention to take measures to keep warm for snails by always maintaining deep water levels, covering the West pond. If the weather is bold, cold can stretch the nylon, canvas ... to cover the water surface.

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