New Generation Land Cruiser Launched On The Occasion Of The 70th Anniversary

Toyota Land Cruiser has just officially marked a milestone on his 70-year journey with a comprehensive sherter on a strong and powerful line of 300: 00/4: 16 Nouthern.Namesota Land Cruiser - 70 years The arches from the first days, Land Cruiser was famous as a hemp, durable and impressive performance. Also because of that, the model is dubbed the "ground cruiser", which can conquer all kinds of terrain. With the mission to "bring customers to anywhere safely," Land Cruiser constantly changes to bring really different experiences than other models in the market. Forele years and spent 12

. Us, this legendary SUV model seems to be a special name in the heart of how many of its customers. Land Cruiser is currently rolling in 170 countries around the world, with about 300,000 cars sold every year. Perhaps, Land Cruiser is still in accordance with his promise: Durable, trusted, impressive off-road capabilities and meet the diverse needs of the customer
The first Land Cruiser system, the Toyota Jeep BJ , was released in August 1951 with the powerful engine block and the ability to cross outstanding terrain at that time immediately made a big echo. This is also the first car in the world to climb to the 6th checkpoint on Mount Fuji, Japan. Through many "overhaul" sessions to the 7th generation (1989 - 1998), Land Cruiser changed Powerful when using independent front suspension helps improve superior off-road capabilities. The 7th generation (80 series) is rated as the generation capable of exceeding the best terrain in all LAND Cruiser's lifecycle. In addition, this generation also brings a sense of comfort as a luxury tourist car with a series of add-ons that are more integrated. And the current generation, Land Cruiser still retains its inherent advantages But the new generation chassis application is more durable and the most modern technologies from Toyota. The new generation Land Cruiser is perfectly balanced between high performance, the ability to overcome outstanding terrain with the luxury and sophistication of a true luxury car. The model is no longer a car too cocoon, which meets the daily travel needs in the inner city.Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Not only inherit but also do better what the 200 line has? Toyota The new generation LAND Cruiser has been launched on the occasion of marking the 70-year history of history in 170 countries around the world. Not only inheriting the outstanding points from LC200 men, the new generation promises to do better with a series of improvements from external designs to the internal technology
land Cruiser 300 will use the chassis system Toyota's latest TNGA. This new design will help the new generation reduce weight, lower the center of vehicles and better weight distribution to increase the grip of the car with the road surface. In addition, this model was improved the suspension structure helps to retain the full "identity" of the Land Cruiser line: durable, powerful and impressive off-road capabilities. On the LAND Cruiser generation New, Toyota has upgraded the vehicle engine system while ensuring the performance of a large SUV. Accordingly, the model will use the 3.5 V6 gasoline engine with a maximum voltage with a maximum capacity of 409 HP at the 5,200 rpm, maximum torque reached 650 nm at a round of 2,000 - 3,600 rpm And the 10-level automatic transmission. The new generation Cruiser is favored with the latest safety technology that the Japanese car company owns when equipped with the Toyota Safe Sense secure safety system. The TSS system on the Land Cruiser includes: Adaptive journey control (DRCC); support lane (LTA); Adjustable auto lights (AHB) and collision warning (PCS) .land Cruiser new generation is equipped with 3 driving modes (Eco / Normal / Sport) and automatic options (AUTO) in the system Auto Multi Terrain Select - Auto Multi Terrain Select, Multi-Terrain Monitor monitor screen (Multi-Terrain Monitor), Turn Assist system ... In addition, these improvements have been tried Experimenting on rigorous reviews and actual driving conditions to create an easy-to-drive car, do not cause fatigue even on the routine or off-road. Can say, Land Cruiser 300 is the most complete version When combining advantages from predecessor versions with the most advanced technologies of the present. Still retaining the capital characteristic of the Land Cruiser line: "Durable, trusted and impressive off-road capabilities," this model also does better when using the elegance and sophistication. of a modern SUV model.

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