New Generation Lexus Lx Design Image

Lexus's top SUV sample can be released in September and started selling at the end of this year.0: 00/1: 51 Southern region of the series of leaks in the past few months, the design team of specialized The Kolesa car page has erected the new Lexus LX appearance sketch. The Japanese model is a waiting name in the 7-seat luxury SUV group after a long time not upgraded. The drawing is performed according to the mysterious SUV form in June in the launch of Lexus NX.Theo That, Lexus LX 2022 seems to be more pit when the child-shaped grille is expanded

. The luminaire cluster is shaped sharper, which still has a strip of Lexus' familiar hook light positioning. Lexus LX's tail is Kolesa inspired by Toyota Land Cruiser with 2 3D LED taillights , The difference is the similar design of European SUVs. In fact, LX and Land Cruiser are developed on the same station's GA-F technology platform
Many predicts that the LX 570 version will be removed, instead of Lexus's top SUV line will include LX 600 and lx 750h. Lexus LX 600 can be equipped with dual turbocharged V6 3.5L engine, capacity of 409 horsepower and 650 nm torque. For high-end hybrid versions, transmission systems have extra electric motors, combined with V6 3.5L turbocharged for a total capacity of 480 horsepower and maximum pulling capacity of 871 nm. Lexus LX 2022 interior image has not been revealed. Some upgrades are expected in the new vehicle life including the active safety system, the larger information screen or fingerprint lock to launch the engine.Theo Motor1, Lexus LX fourth generation can be Introduction in September and sold later this year. Lexus LX opponents have Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class, BMW X7, Audi Q7, Volvo XC90 .
. Hoang Pham Street: Kolesa

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