New German Prime Minister Olaf Scholz And The Front Challenge

Angela Merkel's 16-year era is over. The years of the new German Prime Minister Olaf Scholz was about to begin, most likely within the next 2 weeks. German Prime Minister Olaf Scholz. (Source: Reuters) Within 2 months after led the Social Democratic Party (SPD) to win the Sitting Stars in the last general, the Finance Minister is about to be satisfied by Olaf Scholz built a joint Minh that he needs to become a prime minister. For a unimaginable man and have the meter of a thorough career like Olaf Scholz, success in the general election is a worthy thing

. 2 years ago, he failed to the left-wing side in the campaign for the development of SPD leadership. However, everything is different. And he will become the next prime minister of Germany
Lien Minh "Traffic lights" by the government by Mr. Scholz will be a new trial for Germany. First time at federal levels, SPD - Party only new There are 3 of the 8 post-war prime ministers - will rule with the Green Party guidelines for environmental protection and the Liberal Democratic Party (FDP) to support businesses.spd comes from Marxism The nineteenth century, while the Green Party originated from the 1970s of the 1970s, and FDP is now coming from the New Liberalism. This Lien Minh is called the traditional color " Party. However, in so that this trio can be in harmony with a thing is not easy. In that context, the goal of Scholz politicians is not to force the two main partners in the ruling coalition to accept the main platform The value of SPD which is ensured that each party can declare the victory enough to have a union agreement to accept the Union Agreement. And Mr. Scholz seems to have done it. Germany, Holger Schmieding - Economist at Berenberg Bank - described this alliance as a "constant alliance"
He said: "New faces don't necessarily mean there will be a big change in Policy. We hope the new government will continue to tilt towards spending more for pensions and investments, as well as green conversion, which is a mark of the past 8 years in the rule of former Merkel Prime Minister " .Like Merkel's "Dai" of Merkel Alliance includes a Democratic / Christian Society (CDU / CSU) according to the middle and SPD path according to the deposits, the new German government will include parties Coming from both sides of the political division. Schmieding economy added: "In terms of quantity, the middle faction (SPD and the Green Party) are much stronger and the middle faction (FDP instead of CDU / CSU) in The new government is much weaker than before. But in many problems, especially the domestic and European fiscal policies, FDP often supports a more rigid way than Merkel.Do, they I always think that the compromises among partners in this new ruling alliance will be quite similar to the continuation of what the old government has done ". The game of each Party in the Alliance of course will be m in the position of prime minister and a number of ministers and ministers, SPD and Mr. Scholz will try to play the role that CDU and Merkel ever taken over, which are non-ideologists but very There is a capacity in the crisis period. To satisfy the left-wing in his party, Mr. Scholz will quickly promote the greatest commitment to the campaign: a minimum wage increase from 9.60 Euro to 12 Euro / hour, building more houses, thereby creating the image of the labor class guards and maintains social justice. Then SPD will sit back and try to keep the other two partners in the alliance Ruling does not conflict with each other. Green Party has to give a lot in negotiations but also received what they judge is very important.Robert Habeck, one of the two leaders of this party, yes looks will become "super minister" in charge of some areas, from economic to energy and climate. It has agreed in the establishment agreement, Mr. Habeck will try to promote Solar energy market share and wind energy in the national electricity network, remove coal power by 2030 instead of 2038 and remove cars using internal combustion engines within that period. It will belong to the Green Party and the Green Party leader, and Mrs. Annalena Baerboc may undertake the Foreign Minister's position. Although unsuccessful with the candidate position for the Prime Minister of the Green Party, but Mrs. Baerbock, people Having the most enthusiastic voice calling on strengthening the European Union, can become a good diplomat. In that time, FDP - the smallest partner in the ruling coalition - is the party with many things to "brag " Best. This party has shown its important value when rejecting the claims of SPD and Green Party on property tax and increasing income tax. FDP also supports the principle of domestic budget balance and financial tightening EU. FDP leader Christian Lindner even seems to have won the Ministry of Finance from hand

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