New Hundreds Of Years To Share A Boat, Cultivate The New Year

0:00 / 3: 01 NAMTU NAMTU NAM NEW Hundreds of years go to the boat, Tu Thousands of years common to pillow every person who appears in our life has certain meaning to teach us something, or will help Supporting us to realize something. The Buddha said: "Everything is consistent with the flow, God has its own arrangement. All those who appear in our lives, are good or bad Meaning ". Life is" cooked "by sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, salty. The illustration

. This sentence is, who can sit together on a boat is a charming person, can also be able to reconcile their husband and wife. Come and go, go and go back to us. Someone is consistent, hand in hand with us to go through four spring, lower, autumn, crowded, accompanying us to come together
No random anyone appears on Our Life Road. Everyone i that we meet, and have a relationship with us, delegates for some things. Perhaps they need to appear to teach us something, or will help us realize something ... a person loves you, let you realize, love is the best thing we can spend For each other, even if you are poor or rich. A person hurt you, perhaps let you realize that forgiveness is the only way to let go of defilements. A person understands you, let you understand that, don't need Too many friends, just someone understands me, in this life, is enough. Life is very short, please accept all the gifts and grateful all those who appear in your life. I am very happy for you to be happy, the bad person gives you a lonely experience, but not everyone to meet is too lonely
The Festival of a group of people can be more boring than a person's silence. The good person is that the parents have spent a lifetime of sweat worried for you. A good person can be a mate and a warm child Pressure will accompany you all the rest and make you fearless in the cold world. A good person, perhaps loved ones, can understand the joy, sadness. Good people can be The stranger helps you when you are in distress. The life is a beautiful accident, welcoming love, encountering hatred is normal in life. Thank you for good people and give away happiness, don't fall Error for bad people, because you can draw experience from them. In the life answer table, there are countless multiple choice questions. In many cases, how do you go how depends on personal desires Your people in life if there are too many grumbling to do with life, will never get happy. Even though the past people have caused you how much damage, you don't think praise Wildly. If you are unfortunately injured by needles, draw the needle slowly and don't let the bleeding side. If the scar is about to heal, don't remove the ice and don't let it hurt the second time. Never blame him in injury, everything is the best arrogance. Every ever blamed anyone in your life, because people have made friends of today, do Let your life become shine. Once you have enough mature, you will find that everything is the arrangement of creation.

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