New Japanese Prime Minister Pledged To Implement Large-scale Economic Stimulus Packages

On October 7, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said he would commit a commitment to giving a large-scale economic stimulus package to restore the affected economy of Covid-19 pandemic. Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. Photo: AFP / TTXVNTrong speech at the event launches 2 seats in the Senate, the New Prime Minister Kishida states: "I really see need to deploy economic stimulus or a program Large-scale Covid-19 pandemic response, and the upcoming vote will indicate whether people agree to do so or not. "Additional economic stimulus package will be worth dozens Thousand billion yen and expanded support for businesses who are pluning because of Pandemic Covid-19. Mr

. Kishida's schedule was launched before the elections in Shizuoka and Yamaguchi provinces to supplement 2 seats in the Senate, It is expected to take place on October 24. Shizuoka province will witness the race between the three candidates who are Mr. Yohei Wakabayashi - former Gotemba mayor of the ruling coalition by the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)
Mr. Shinnosuke Yamazaki of the Democratic Democratic Party Constitution and Mr. Chika Suzuki of the Communist Party of Japan (JCP). Meanwhile, the election in Yamaguchi will be the competition between Tsuneo Kitamura, former Ministry of Trade officials that are backed by the authorities; Mr. Kiyo Kawai of JCP and Mr. Hezumaryu - A Youtuber was backed by a small opposition party. Before that, Yamaguchi province was the "stronghold" of LDP when 4 defensive seats here were held by the party, including this party. Chair of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Nobuo Kishi Defense Minister.Hai the additional vote mentioned above was held after two LDP Senator resigned to run in other races. This election is said to be an opportunity for voters to show views on the new government of Prime Minister Kishida before the general election at the end of October

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