New Motorcycle Series Warming The Market After Social Stretching

After stretching the social, a series of motorcycles, new motorcycles launched to help the market become more exciting after the gloomy long months must be closed because of the translation 09: 00/5: 07 namhonda cbr150r on September 29, Honda Vietnam (HVN) has officially introduced to customers' CBR150R 2021 sports hand car model, with a price of 70.99 - 72.49 million Dong.Honda CBR150R 2021 launched in Vietnam with a selling price from 70, 99 - 72.49 million VND

. This selling price is considered the lowest ever since Honda CBR150R is present in Vietnam and is imported informal private agents.Honda CBR150R 2021 has a bodywork Thao, youthful with a cover area is increased but does not create bulky feelings. Overall vehicles still have a compact, agile shape
Car using LED lighting lights, modern LED taillights. Total cars still have compact shaping, agile numbers of remarkable equipment on Honda CBR150R 2021 in Vietnam. Performance is better than traditional pipe fork; Super light aluminum orange power; 2-dimensional anti-slip clutch makes it smoother, simultaneously minimizing sliding cake after having numbers; Digital LCD digital clock, 2-channel ABS brake; ... CBR150R 2021 is equipped with DOHC 150cc 4 valve engine, cooled by solution, accompany 6 level gearbox. Motor power allows accelerated vehicles from 0 to 200 meters in only 10.6 seconds.Honda Air Blade special version with gray painted colors with high-ranking orange pattern stamps Honda Air Blade special version 1/10 , Honda officially introduced Air Blade limited edition in Vietnam market, present on both motor options 125cc and 150cc. In limited edition, Honda Air Blade 125/150 owns gray paint colors Outstanding orange pattern stamps are young style
In that, the orange car stamp is the impressive cutting lines around the "Air Blade" logo, combined with the word "LIMITED EDITION" shown the characteristic of the world version. Deadline. The equipment on Air Blade remains the same as: Full LED lamp, low-luminaire light cluster with lightning light positioning light and 2-storey sporting lights. Sale price of 41.99 million Copper for Air Blade 125 and 55.79 Million VND for Air Blade 150 limited edition still using 2 engine options including 125 cc to produce 11.3 horsepower, curly torque 11.7nm and 150 ccProducing a capacity of 12.9 horsepower, 13.3 nm torque. In addition, other utilities on the car also have a smart lock, LCD digital clock, neat design. On the 150cc version also equipped with ABS brakes and broader car trunk integrated phone charger.Honda Air Blade 150cc / 125cc Limited version will be officially sold from 11/10/2021 with selling price 41, 99 million VND for Air Blade 125 and 55.79 Million VND for Air Blade 150.Kawasaki ZX-10R 2021 Launched in Vietnam with the price of 729 million Dongmawasaki ZX-10R 2021Kawasaki has just unveiled the generation Sportbike ZX-10R model New in Vietnam market, imported directly from Japan and sold genuine in Vietnam with a selling price of 729 million dong, nearly 160 million VND higher than the old version.Ninja ZX-10R ABS 2021 owns Comprehensive change in design to improve aerodynamics and add more modern features than the predecessor version. The head of the ZX-10R car was represents sharper looks more with design inspiration From Ninja H2 men. The vehicle's lighting system is located in the context of 2 airless holes, using LED technology to reduce 0.5kg compared to the old version. Along with that, the h2 RAM air suction cavity featured Ninja H2 was also included. The head of the ZX-10R car was represents sharper looks of sharper looks with inspiration designed from Ninja H2 sena some other points like Also more enhanced, the windshield is higher than the old version of 40mm, the steering wheel is pushed out 10mm in the WSBK racing model of Jonathan Rea, the foot guard is also improved by more than 5mm. The new ZX-10R car light has now Applying modern LED technology and has more efficient lighting performance. The tail of the car remains the old design with a beautiful triangle-shaped taillight. The 4.3-inch TFT color image on the ZX-10R standards on the car can be mentioned as a high-end Showa suspension system With BFF in front of and damping BFRC Lite behind, comes with it's 17-inch casting wheels and Brembo disc brakes integrated ABS. The watch table of ZX-10R 2021 is equipped with a new TFT color screen 4.3 inch.Ninja ZX-10R 2021 equipped with a four-cylinder engine block, 998cc capacity, cooled by production solution Maximum capacity of 200 horsepower or 210 horsepower when combining ram-air, maximum torque 114.9 nm.

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