New Movements In The Strike In Hollywood

Leaders of many films and international alliances on filmmaking staff (IATSE) have reached the first agreement to revolve around rest between work cases. According to Variety, on October 7, a source from The IATSE Branch in the United States revealed the leaders of Hollywood studios that gave a number of claims given by the alliance to revolve around the prolonged working time of the postman. However, an integrity and official agreement is still a distant future. Initially the negotiating house is hoping to prevent behavioral strikes throughout the United States. Over the weekend, more than 52,000 members of IATSE voted through the authorization decision for the Head of Matthew D

. Loeb launched a national scale strike if their claims were not met. Bridge enjoying entertainment products in the pandemic has placed the burden on the employees working behind the camcorder in Hollywood. Photo: Variety
Because of David O'Ferrall, the representative of IATSE said: "The negotiation has gained some steps, but it is still not enough. Although the opponent was sitting on the discussion table, we were still far away from an official agreement. AMPTP (US cinema and television manufacturers alliance) is retreating a step to listen to the situation, but IATSE determines that will be determined to fight to achieve the goal "6/10, another source From IATSE, the situation is still not sure. Other sources, close to the alliance management level, said the negotiations showed slow but sincerely. "This is not the US Writing Association", a former manager manager commented with Variety day 7/10. This person emphasizes the current negotiation less stressed a lot than the toughness of the AMPTP before. The sources also said that IATSE negotiates represent many units with different operating mechanisms, causing the working speed to slow significantly. As the company belongs to AMPTP is also negotiating the terms that extends the production of television series. A TV episode with a duration of about 60 minutes usually takes seven to eight days of turning. But the new standard can extend the minimum production period for a episode to 9 days
Iamseiatse's claims represent workers in the film and television manufacturing industry in Hollywood. The Alliance is negotiating to shorten the working days of 14 hours or more. They also struggle to remove the work shifts lasted from the evening of Friday to Saturday morning because they directly occupy the weekend rest time of workers. The minimum rest time between shifts Work is also an exchange issue. Some workers are 10 hours off, but others are only 8 or 9 hours. The goal of IATSE is to set a 10-hour milestone to rest for all workers. They also struggle so that the post-station staff took 54 hours per weekend (from 18h on Friday to 24h on Sunday). If the negotiation between IATSE and AMPTP failed, the worst strike in history Hollywood will broke out. Photo: Variety.David O'Ferrall also said AMPTP had "small moves" about two other priorities of alliance - dining and "new communication". IATSE is pushing film studios to arrange lunch staff. They also seek to raise remuneration levels to pay for high online projection projects with a traditional film project. One of the other provisions to be negotiated is to raise the minimum wage, especially for support Ly biter and scripting coordinator. O'Ferrall commented on "Salary and Welfare for Hebaid Staff is still a problem" .IATSE and AMPTP returned to the negotiation table on October 7 and continued to discuss in three days after the results Vote is published on October 4. The two sides are aiming for a three-year general agreement, including the terms of pension regimes for members of the Union and the Health Care Policy. IATSE's negotiations represent 13 units Under West Bank as well as 23 other units across the country. West Coast is protected by a basic agreement while the rest is under the influence of the regional standard agreement. Basically, these two agreements have the same structure and offered simultaneous discussion.Local 487 based in Baltimore, USA, the unit complies with regional standards. David O'Ferrall ensures colleagues in negotiating the two agreements will not contradict each other: "or the terms of the two agreements are passed, or will not have any agreement." Variety, AP

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