New Mpv Of Hyundai Lo Series Images, Parameters Before The Launch Date

Recently, some images and parameters of Hyundai Custo 2022 were revealed before this MPV model was launched at Chengdu (China) automobile exhibition at the end of August: 00/1: 54 Southern, some pictures of Hyundai Custo 2022 are about to be unveiled in China revealed. Based on the leaked images, it can be seen that Custo's grille is quite similar to the "brothers" like Hyundai Tucson and Hyundai Santa Cruz. In addition, the LED runs during the day with 3 platforms Each side is placed in the grille. The sharp headlight is close to the bonnet, which is connected by the chrome strip. The size of Hyundai Custo 2022 is 4

.950x1,850x1.734 mm, the wheelbase 3.055 mm
18 inch 2-tone alloy car wheels. Rearview mirror integrates turn indicator light, electrically adjustable, folding power. The cavity is quite square.Hyundai custo 2022.DI moves backwards, LED taillights with hook patterns, connected by thin LED strips. The center of the car is quite large. This MPV is equipped with surfing wings. In the cabin cavity, Hyundai Custo 2022 has 7 seats with the second row of business classes. Most likely, this MPV will have 6 and 8 seats. 4-pin steering wheel, digital clock cluster, 10
4-inch infotainment screen layout waterfall type. Some buttons have been removed. At the same time, the vehicle uses the number of new generation Santa Fe and Tucson knobs. Hyundai has not revealed the engine to use on Custo 2022. However, many sources said that this MPV has 2 engine options 4 turbocharged cylinder. The 1.6-liter version for a maximum capacity of 170 horsepower, the power of the 2 liter version is 236 horsepower. Both use the 8-speed automatic transmission combined with the previous bridge drive. Some leaked images of Hyundai Custo 2022: Ngoc Han (General)

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