New Outbreak In 3 Chinese Cities For A Dinner In Suzhou

A new Covid-19 outbreak is at risk of rapid spreading in China after 6 cases are recorded in 3 cities in a middle day when the nearest wave of infection has cooled in: 00/3: 44 The southern number of 6 new cases were announced, three women in Shanghai received the diagnosis of Covid-19 on November 25, according to the local government. Entering this city on last weekend. Here, they have dinner with two men from Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. Both of these people also have positive test results with SARS-COV-2 on November 25, one person with another close - living in Chau, Jiangsu Province - was announced by Shanghai authorities and also Newly announced positive results. Large awareness with the "Zero Covid-19" strategy of six infections on the information after China has just controlled a outbreak of the Delta transaction emerging in mid-October and Make more than 1,300 people infectious in 21 provinces

. The infectious source of the latest outbreak is still being traced, but it once again highlights the challenge with China's "Zero Covid-19" strategy from variables The Delta strain has a high ability to transmit transmission, in the context of the next winter, when the cold weather causes many activities in a closed space, it can facilitate the virus spread stronger. Repiers in the East Central City National, including Shanghai, is act quickly to control the latest outbreaks. Photo: Xinhua
History about infectious diseases Zhang Wenhong from Shanghai Hoa Son Hospital, head of the Expert Council of Covid-19 treatment in the city, said China has accumulated much experience in being Prevention and control of translation according to the "Zero Covid-19" strategy. This science thinks that the successful breakup of recent outbreaks shows that China can face challenges in fighting against these The frequent outbreak and the key to prevent the outbreak now is still a quick and accurate response. "This outbreak in Shanghai should be considered another scenario in national epidemic control In the fall and winter ", Mr. Zhang said." We can meet the same battles in the future and how to achieve 'dynamic Zero Covid-19' in the shortest time Body and little most influence on the public, will be the focus in our prevention of epidemic ", the expert affirms H. Also according to Mr. Zhang, all three cases in Shanghai were discovered, confirming promptly to beolated immediately and screened close contact - a task would be much more difficult and influenced To more people if delayed ". He calls anyone with a fever or flu-like symptoms after traveling or gathering, seeking medical care immediately and testing. Quickly the government's authorities related to the latest outbreaks have acted quickly. In Shanghai, four hospitals who have received 3 women visiting the examination temporarily closed to employee testing and physical basis testing
China resolutely clinging to the strategic position "Zero Covid-19". Photo: The Paper. Go to the morning of November 26, 182 people in the list of close contact with three infections, with 337 other related people, was inserted. All have negative test results. More than 54,700 Shanghai residents also give negative results. At Zhejiang University, in Hangzhou, the students lined up in the night to test Covid-19, after a man working in Bao The school's museum has a positive result. In Suzhou, where six people are infected with a trip in the last weekend, 510 people are close to close, as well as 823 other related people, all in negative results. In the morning of November 26, the city government tested 24,603 people. Among the 24,503 results are obtained so far, there is no positive case. Charity from Chau on November 25 recommends that people should not leave the city unless they are really necessary and only when they have The results of negative testing in the previous 48 hours. All forms of gathering - including concerts, sports events and fairs - have been postponed or canceled. Meeting activities, exhibitions, teaching , Training and event gathering others have been suspended, with recommendations to switch to online mode. Wedding is recommended to postpone and the funeral needs to organize simple.

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