New Photos Are Announced About Russia’s Mysterious Stealth Fighters’

At the MAKS-2021 international air show and the opening of the MAKS-2021 opening on July 20 in Zhukovsky, Russian aircraft manufacturers announced the template of stealth fighters named 'shirts'. On July 20, Russia's 5th generation-generation fighter model was revealed (Photo: Dong Phuong) according to Dong Phuong Hong Kong News page on July 21, here Sukhoi aircraft manufacturing company belonged Russian state ownership displayed their fifth generation fighter prototype. Russian President Vladimir Putin also visited this place and praised the tremendous potential of the Russian aviation industry. Putin Russian President spoke the opening of an airline and international universe MASK-2021 (Photo: Dong Phuong). Maintain and speech opening exhibitions, President Putin praised Russia's aviation industry, he said: "What we see today in Zhukovsky clearly shows that Russian aviation has potential Huge development function, and our aircraft industry continues to create new competitive aircraft "horizontal view aircraft (Photo: 163)

. Russian president Putin said, Russia is willing to cooperate With all countries in the field of aerospace. He called on scientific researchers and experts to cooperate with new breakthroughs in areas such as improving flying safety, reducing the impact of aircraft to the environment and research dance Cylinders. The aircraft looks with the angle from the front (Photo: 163)
In the air show, the 5th generation fighter prototype has not been named the most attention focus. It is now called "checkmate", which is numbered 75 suggestions that may seem to be called "Su-75", this plane has only one engine, in addition to the less compact fuselage Compared to the type of Su-57 Infection is serving, it can fly at a speed of 1.8 to 2 times the sound speed (Mach), with a maximum range of 3,000 km. The factory is expected to "checkmate" that can fly the first trip in 2023, produce the earliest batch in 2026 and will start delivery to buyers in 2026. The aircraft looks from the front (photo : 163). At the event, Mr. Sergey Chemezov, head of Rostec, the military group is responsible for exporting weapons and military technology of Russia and Mr. Yury Slyusar General Director of United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) Introducing the "Checkmate" fighter with Putin President in the exhibition booth of Sukhoi Company. The aircraft looks from the front, top down (Photo: 163). The display of the "checkmate" is on display shows It has a large front winding slot under the cockpit similar to the X-32 prototype of Boeing, but is painted with Su-57 injection
It has a cluster of tracking sensors and clinging to infrared targets (Irst) on the nose, with the chamber lid of the cockpit sliding to the back similar to Su-57. The aircraft has a large windscore under the drive Photo: 163). If the aircraft is displayed is a complete prototype or just a model. Mr. Dmitry Shugaev, director of the Russian Federal Military Technical Cooperation Agency, previously announced that the 5th-generation fighter mentioned above has breakthrough features, including high flying performance, Extensive attack capability and reconnaissance, with the latest uninterested electronic device system and stealth ability are not easily detected radar. The gas is placed in the abdominal cavity (Photo: 163) .Theo UAC, Version This fighter-generation fighter fighter model is unique and unprecedented earlier in Russia, "combining advanced solutions and technologies", "difficult to detect and brand High capacity ". Airplane can carry more than 7 tons of weapons including non-air missiles, smart bombs, ballistic missiles (Photo: 163). Yury Slyusar, describing this aircraft is" unique in the same Type ", yes" radius of 1,500 km fighting, the ratio of thrust on the largest weight, takeoff and landing time is shortened, the load of more than 7 tons - a record for the same aircraft Generation ". The plane c design stealth capability, can operate in almost every weather and climate conditions. "Checkmate" look from the tail (Photo: 163) .Theo Rostec, "CheckMate" has a range of up to 2,800 km and maximum load of 7,400kg. It has the ability to take off on a short runway but do not land its vertical landing as the US F-35 type; Designed modular weapons cavity can carry non-current room missiles, bombs and navigation missiles. Its unmanned version is also being researched in development. "Checkmate" looks from the bottom up (Photo: 163). Rostec director, Sergey Chemezov said "Checkmate" will be a more effective alternative solution , with a more affordable F-35 of the US, Dassault Rafael of France costs between $ 60 and 90 million per unit. "I hope our rates will be from 25 to 30 million USD / unit", Mr. Chemezov said. With Lenmgj taking off 18 tons, "Checkmate" is very small, compact (Photo: 163). Pretty low (about 18 tons), the "checkmate" fighter has a smaller size

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