New Solution Warning Danger For Motorcycles

Yamaha Group submits a new project to the Japanese Patent Office on a warning system for motorcyclists when there is a means in the blind point.0: 00/1: 30 Men's most realms Export motorbikes are actively working on blind spot warning systems. Yamaha recently submitted a patent revealed a new technology that displays specific icons directly on the mirror of the motorbike. This solution has the form of LED lights just behind the driver opposite the driver. This can be an effective means to warn people ride to this type of danger

. Motorcycles are trying to warn the driver about the risk of colliding with vehicles in their blind spots. Source: Malaymail This idea can warn dangers for people ride quickly and efficiently. To do this, the Japanese manufacturer based on the display on the mirror of the motorbike in a dangerous case
This solution is in the form of a small screen after each mirror in the two rearview mirrors of the motorbike, Ability to display a warning icon in case of impact risk, ie the vehicle is in the blind spot. Note that the system can also display alerts only on a mirror, depending on the dangerous position. The presence of a means in the blind spot, this device can also warn the driver The risk of colliding with another means, when they exceed the limit speed. Currently, the most advanced solution in this field is the Bosch blind spot detection technology (BSD), used on many samples Motorcycles of BMW, Ducati or KTM. In case of hitting risks with vehicles from the back, the system will emit audio or display visual alerts on the screen. Of course, the safest way to avoid this type of accident is to turn the car before throw the margin or transfer lane, to ensure that there is no means in your blind point.

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