New Upgrades On Ford Ranger 2022

Ford Ranger 2022 possesses many major changes in the design and practical equipment with more technologies than 200:00 to 2: 40 NAMFORD RANGER RANGER generation has just launched globally with many improvements. The new generation of Ranger has a strong appearance with the new grille and the C-headlight cluster has become the highlight at the top of the car. The vertical line along the body is more refined, combined with the big wheels More giving Ranger a solid overall.Frang Ranger 2022 has just released the first Ford Ranger equipped with a matrix LED headlight. In the tail section, the taillights are designed harmoniously and similar to the typical C-shaped in the top of the car

. Basic base in Ranger 2022 increased by 50mm, the wheel axis was also extended to 50mm compared to the version Predecessor. The structure of the car was created by hydraulic has created more space in the engine compartment, enough room for the new V6 engine and helps Ranger ready for future technology upgrades. Open new generation, Ford significantly improves interior space with full smart features
Chief Designer Ranger Max Sharing: "We know that our customers search for a smart and useful interior vehicle, while creating a comfortable feeling. So we have designed Ranger with intensive integrated technologies, intelligent containers and visual accents so that interior space becomes spacious and comfortable ". The center of Ranger is Large-sized 10.1-inch or 12-inch touch screen, with Sync4 connection system capable of communicating through voice to control entertainment and information displays.Ford Ranger 2022 owns screen sizes 10 - 12inche also comes with the connection modem, allowing the car to connect wirelessly via the FordPass application. Some buttons adjust the communication steering mode that has been removed from the batch and the center panel, which instead is displayed on the Sync screen. Thereby, the driver can access the screen displayed separately for driving modes and off-road. Here, the driver will be able to monitor the information about the drive, the steering wheel, slope and angle Tilt with other controls. This screen is also linked to a 360-degree camera system to help parking in narrow urban space .Ford has added a 3
0L V6 Turbo Diesel engine for new generation cars. This is one of three turbo diesel engine options that will be available when the product has been released, and depending on the market. Use on many Ford's global products. New gearbox options include upgraded 10-level automatic transmers or 6-speed manual gearboxes, adding to the current 6-speed automatic gearbox. At the time of launch, Ford said the new generation Ranger Will be assembled at Ford factories in Thailand, South Africa from 2022.Phuc Vinh (according to Ford)

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