New York Ancient Book Fair Is Canceled For Epidemics

The New York Ancient Book Fair (NYIABF) in the US has been canceled due to concerns about the rapid spread of the new Delta.0: 00/1: 11-year-old series, about 200 exhibition units will come Attending the Book Association at Park Avenue Armory in New York, USA, from September 9, 9. However, about 30 units selling books in the US and 70 other units from Europe could not participate in the event. After many public events were resumed this year, this is the first fair in New York Stop, partly due to concerns about Delta variations. Photo: Getty images

.sanford Smith, the program organizer since 1979, said: "We are like you, very disappointed because the fair cannot continue. However, because of the safety of everyone, exhibition units, employees and the public, we have to make a difficult decision to cancel the event ". According to the Organizing Committee, the units The exhibition can get back the event attendance fee or move to the following year
A large event of such a canceled event is concerned that other US arts fairs have been scheduled in the coming months. Postponed. Nyiabf's behavior indicates that the event will return in April 4/2022. However, the specific time has not been confirmed. The New York International Cars Exhibition is expected to open on August 20, which is also canceled due to concerns that the increased increase in Covid-19 infections recently. Mish

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