Newly Born 2 Months, The Wife Cried Her Because She Saw Her Sweet Texting With ‘boyfriend’, Her Sisters Recommend

Newly giving birth but this wife has discovered the secret of crossing his husband.0: 00/3: 21 Southern region of Anhkhi entered marriage, every wife also wishes to get a loving husband and interest , share with me. However, not every marriage is pink. After returning to live a house, many wives felt unexpected to discover the secret secrets of their husbands. New birth 2 months, the wife cried from seeing her sweet texting with 'you TRAN 'Now here, in a group of groups of talking in husband and wife, a user name NN shared about the story of the marriage, seemingly only in his movie

. It is known that she took her husband for a year and had a 2-month-old baby. (Artwork) during her life with her husband, N.N discovered unusual things from him
For example, this husband often behaves with women but sweetly with men. Not only that, this husband is close to his best friend with the ball. Her husband is ready to leave his wife and children to bring his boyfriend home. The peak is that she caught her sweet texting with her boyfriend. Because he was born 2 months, this wife did not know how to deal with his husband. The confession of this user: I married for a year and have a 2-month-old baby. Then one day I discovered my husband was the 3rd gender, "I don't know if I don't know if I do it, I can't think it's differently. Everything comes Since his friend came to work with his company. My brother did it with him that he saw him strange because he talked to a very gruff girl but the opposite of his son was very sweet. I also said that two people kept together, where are you, my husband is there
I don't believe it but gradually I will realize that my husband care about him. He went to drink at night for 1-2 hours In my husband, I still took him back and left 2 my mother's mother even though I was born a few days. Those two people often texted each other. Every day I caught the two messengers. Seeing those two messages very late. You're frightened, my husband, my husband is: "Let me watch, rest and sleep!" After reading, I cried, I cried because I was never gentle , Interested in me like that. The sisters in the wife say I heard what I think is right or not. Does your husband have the third gender. My son is only 2 months when do you have to do you? "(Screenshot) The lines of users of this user immediately attracted the attention of the network user. Many people expressed their feelings first The situation is too much of this user. "I met many such cases. They married their children but still wanted to close the men, in the end, the divorce, who was separated to live each house. They are mostly living because they are ", users who collect meditation." It was still selfish, causing a woman, greedy ", Do Van users mentioned." Decision decisively, "User Minh Anh is written. What to do when she finds a homosexual husband? According to psychological experts, a man is" gay 'can still marry and give birth to a normal child. They cannot bring happiness to the wife but also cause suffering for women. As for other ordinary people, the 3rd gender also has the right to live, be pleased to be happy. But they need Boldly facing the truth to live your life, don't because of personal attempts that are suffering for others. However, homosexuality also has its own suffering because of sexual trends Can learn or change. Therefore, so homosexuals have normal life, society needs to be sympathetic, has a better look, helps them live in harmonizing the community ... Ngoc Anh

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